Foodbook #488 cheese pie with sesame and honey from Skopelos

Foodbook #488 cheese pie with sesame and honey from Skopelos


Good morning my friends, today I got for you a special recipe for a traditional Greek cheese pie from skopelos with honey , this believe me will be delicious, let’s see how we will do it


olive oil, for the spread
sunflower oil, for the spread

For the dough

500 gr. soft flour, + extra for the opening
2 eggs, medium
2 tbsp. olive oil
1 tbsp. vinegar, from white wine
150-200 gr. water

For the filling

400 gr. slice
200 gr. gruyere
1 egg, medium

For serving

Sesame seeds
mint leaves, fresh


Mix all the ingredients for the dough by hand in a bowl or with the hook in the mixer until you get a fluffy dough that comes off the walls.
Let it rest for 30 minutes.
Grate the cheeses in the grater and put them in a bowl.
Add the egg and pepper, mix and set aside.
Open a thin sheet with the help of a rolling pin and a little flour. Cut it lengthwise to have vertical strips, 8-10 cm so that they can be rolled up.
Sprinkle each strip with oil and add a little of the cheese mixture.
Close each strip by pressing well so that the filling does not escape from the inside and wrap in a snail shape.
Fry the pie in hot oil, over medium heat, for about 8-10 minutes or until the sheet is cooked and reddish on both sides, leaving it on absorbent paper to absorb the extra oils.
Serve with honey, sesame seeds and fresh mint leaves.

I hope you enjoy this and I will wait for your comments.

Stay safe and healthy my friends and take care of your people

My best wishes from Greece


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