Foodbook #473 Cream Filled Phyllo Cones

Foodbook #473 Cream Filled Phyllo Cones


Good morning my friends, a very special and traditional Greek dessert from panorama Thessaloníki today for all of you today with a lot of ingredients and difficult preparation but believe me the results will be the best dessert you ever eat . Let’s start the recipe step by step


For the cream

950 gr. milk (700 + 250)
3 vanillas
300 gr. sugar
250 gr. flour for all uses
65 gr. egg yolk (about 4)
50 gr. butter at room temperature
100 gr. whipping cream
40 gr. powder

For the sheet

1 packet of crust sheet
200 gr. butter for spread

For the syrup

500 gr. sugar
400 gr. water

For garnish

whipped cream
almond fillet


For the sheet

Preheat the oven to 160 °.
Melt the butter and hold it aside with a brush.
Put the water with the sugar in a saucepan and when it boils, remove them from the heat and let our syrup cool.
Cut non-stick baking paper into 10x10 squares and crumple them into balls.
We put the leaf in front of us with its narrow side towards us. Divide it into 3 vertical strips and cut it with a sharp knife.
Put all the strips together and cover them with a damp towel so they do not dry out. We take a strip and spread it in front of us. With the help of the brush, spray it with butter. Put another one on top and butter it in the same way. We start and fold like a triangle pie.
With a sharp knife cut the triangle into two smaller rectangular triangles. We open each one like an ice cream cone and put in a crumpled ball of paper. Arrange the triangles in a pan on the bottom of which we have put non-stick baking paper. Butter the triangles on top and put them in the oven until they are crispy and get a beautiful golden color all the way inside. About half an hour is enough.
Immediately dip them in the cold syrup and leave them for a few seconds. Remove and let drain.

For the cream

We put the 700 gr. milk with sugar and vanilla in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Never mix the sugar with the milk before it is well heated, so that the milk does not burn at the bottom of the pot. Put the rest of the milk in a bowl with the eggs and mix it. Add the flour and with a whisk make a paste with the liquids in the bowl.
When the milk and sugar are warm, mix them well and pour this mixture into the mixture with the eggs and flour. We do this so that the eggs slowly get warm and do not become an omelette.
Once the mixture with the eggs has warmed up, pour it into the pot with the rest of the milk and, stirring constantly with the whisk, wait for it to start to coagulate.
Make sure the eye is at a moderate temperature (4-5 if the kitchen reaches 9) and remove from the eye when needed if we see the mixture coagulates and do not prevent it from stirring. At the beginning of baking the cream will have a light taste of flour but as we mix we often try because at some point the flour is baked and this smell goes away.
When this happens, remove from the heat, add the 50 gr. butter stirring until assimilated and pour the cream into a pan. Put a film on top that is in contact with the cream and put the pan in the fridge to cool. We put the film so that the cream does not form a crust.
I prepare a light whipped cream with the cream and the icing.
When the cream cools in the fridge, put it in the mixer to fluff and add the whipped cream. Put the mixture in a bowl and keep them in the fridge until needed.
Assemble by putting the cream in the triangles and decorate if you want with whipped cream, almonds or chocolate.

I also found this YouTube video from akis petretzikis YouTube channel that will be helpful but it is at Greek language but I am pretty sure will be help a little bit.

I hope you will give this a try and send me your feedback .

Stay safe and healthy my friends and take care of your people

My best wishes from Greece


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