Foodbook #336 ready for delicious spinach pie???


Good morning my friends, ok today I will put all my magic skills at my kitchen and I will create a delicious spinach pie for everyone..... will you follow me ??
You will need less than an hour from the beginning of preparation to serving this pie , and I must say it’s my best pie and I hope become your best .
I am following the instructions from akis petretzikis official website here and as I saw akis make this creation easy and fast
Some extra tips you can take from the following video

Mine tip is simple, if this pie don’t be eaten at the first day and stays for tomorrow, something went wrong, when I create this after a family afternoon the “job” is done .

Give this a try and believe me you will be in love with it , stay safe and healthy my friends and take care of your people

My best wishes from Greece

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My life with multiple sclerosis

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