Bitcoin Maximalism VS Diversify : What Is My Choice ?

Bitcoin Maximalism VS Diversify : What Is My Choice ?

By Jirasak | My life to crypto | 16 Nov 2020

Hello readers, today I am going to share in what I have done to my funds. This is not a guideline or direction, you must take a responsible for your own risk investing your funds, learn and think it well before investing. This post is just a sharing on experience in what I had decided and done to my own funds.

Previously , all of my cash was subjected to BTC investment, and yes, the major volume of my coins went to BTC, yes, I am a BTC maximalism. No alternative coins touch to my attention of buying them.

Until the September 2020, I made the experiment on my funds. I sold parts of my BTC and bought alternative 9 coins, which were ETH, LTC, ADA, BNB, KSM, CVC, ZIL, WAN and XLM. I divided my cash from selling BTC to 9 parts equally, and then bought those coins. Then 1 and a half month past, I back to see the average earning.

It results that BTC +53% ,ETH +6%, LTC +33, ADA +3%, BNB +18%, KSM -8%, CVC +220%, ZIL +18%, WAN -22% and XLM 0% growth.

Only the BTC segment itself grows 53% , overall segment ( included the BTC ) grows 32% and for the alternative coins segment grows 29% in average which is no significant different to these 2 segments.

Eventhought the BTC itself gains me 53% but in the history it also significantly dropped and I am afraid if it would happen again. So, I think I should not be anymore maximalist on the BTC , sure I will have it as my major but I will now diversify to the alternative coins. There are Chances for me to make the profit on the alternative coins. For example, CVC demonstrated me that I sometimes can take a huge profit by alternative coins. In some BTC sideway period, I maybe gain lots of profit by alternative coins. Thinking about risk management so I should no further rely on the only BTC.

I believe this is too basic and I think you have read and heard in many anywhere else about diversification, but just to share you this is my first time to comply with diversification method.

I need to say you again, this is my experience for current market circumstance and I just want to share you only. But in the investment ,there are risks coming to you via many factors. If the market is down trend, I maybe loose. However we have think carefully on our money.

Wish you luck!

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