Writing Challenge: Go Be Productive!


I challenged myself to write at least 150 words a day for the month of May. I had a few writing projects that had stagnated over the years that I was desperate to revive. By telling myself that all I had to do was hit a minimum daily, it seemed like this could work. I concurrently started writing on Publish0x, much like a warm-up to my own writing project.

I am happy to say that although I did NOT write everyday (that's right, life can get in the way), I did write more often than not. In the end, I wrote approximately 9,500 words! That was three completed chapters in my fiction novel. It did not even count the words I was typing into these blog posts.

So why am I writing this? To boast? Nope. I don't think that taking a month to write something the length of a college paper is really boast-worthy. But, the kicking off procrastination's butt through the writer's block wall definitely is.

So try it yourself. Start a challenge for yourself. Writing words. Doing pushups. Making your bed.  Going for a run.

Whatever it is that you want to make a habit - DO IT. 

Don't wait till Monday or Sunday, or the first of the month. Start now. 

Life's too short.


Stay safe and successful!

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