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Octonauts and the Great Barrier Reef

Kids: Exhaustion or Worth it?

The answer is both, if you are ready to have them.

I had grand plans of researching and writing up a blog post today. But, my kids have exhausted me. 

I've got a 3-year old who questions everything and wants to watch the SAME cartoon on repeat (It's Octonauts and the Great Barrier Reef, on Netflix, if you're curious). And, I've got a 6-month old who is teething. 

There is little rest in our lives. And when there is a moment of quiet, you can be sure the 3-year old will wake up the 6-month old (not always intentionally) and we begin the cycle again. 

That being said. I love them both ad infinitum. They enrich my life. I am a better person, worker, human, and boss because of them. I am also aging at light speed. (Is that grey hair?!)

Kids are worth it in the long run... but you definitely need to be ready to work for it in the short term. 

I hope everyone has a chance to relax this weekend.

The dogs are still unsure where they stand on the whole kid thing. But, they appreciate the table scraps.


Stay safe and successful!

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