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By ga38jem | Crypto Events | 11 Sep 2021

Because this blog is about Crypto Games I am trying to discover new games to play. One of the latest projects that I found is Illuvium. Since I discovered this game for myself I found out that this game is one of the most hyped ones. This also very understandable since it is supposed to be the first AAA (triple A) crypto game out there! Just this information got me hyped up and I caught myself researching for this game. Before I continue: Yes the game is supposed to be Free to play but with a Play to Earn Background.

First things first, this game´s open Beta was supposed to come out late Q4 of 2021. Recently it got delayed to Q1 2022. (Further delays are not excluded at this point) The early testing beta is supposed to come late Q4 2021 and also a gameplay trailer was promised in about 7 weeks time! And for all of the mobile users out there: The team is also working on a mobile version which will come after the open beta.


Despite the delay, the game got me so excited that I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I decided to write a quick summary of what we already know about this game that might become the next great hit that everybody will be playing. Since I got into this game recently, I could have missed or misinterpreted some of the information, so please feel free to correct me! At the end of the day, we are all excited about this game.


Before we get into details, I want to introduce the game to those that maybe didn’t hear about it yet. Very roughly explained: It is supposed to be an open World auto battler game where the player has to battle the creatures in the world. If he beats them he can catch them. These creatures are called Illuvial and have 3 different evolution forms. They gain some sort of experience points and you can evolve them into the next evolution to get a stronger Illuvial. In order to catch these you need to use shards. These you can buy or mine yourself. Furthermore, the player can equip armor and weapons since he is also able to fight these wild Illuvial.

The interesting part comes now. As far as I understood those Illuvial and your armor and weapons are NFTs! This means that if you own them in the game you can sell them for crypto. The in game currency will probably be ETH or sILV. I will try to explain it in more detail in the section of Tocenomics.



For the tocenomics part there are already very helpful sites that explain this in more detail then I ever could. I leave them here so you can check if you are interested.
The main point of this section is to emphasize that holding the ILV Coin wont give you as much of an advantage in the game as you think. The ILV Coin currently is worth 388.05 EUR at the time of writing this section. By holding this coin you mainly get to vote if there is a game change in the making. That means that you have power of shaping the game´s future which sounds pretty cool. Furthermore, the holders are getting rewards in the form of sILV which you can use as currency in the game.


In this part I will explain how I understand this whole game concept will work and how I think my strategy will be going into this game. Before we jump into this part a quick reminder from my side that this is how I interpret all of the information given so far. There is a good chance that I am completely wrong and that this game will be played completely different.

At the beginning of the game the player will have no Illuvial and starts on a free to play basis. The intention of the developing is to guide the player into the game and give him the full experience without investing any money. If the players think that they are ready and invest some money, they can proceed to new areas of the game to find more rare Illuvial. This will cost them some ETH.

The player starts without any Illuvial. That means that he has to catch the first one by himself which also means that the character of the player has impact in the battle. Hence, there will be armour in weapons which also can be used as NFTs. The Illuvial are classified in an element type (e.g. fire) and an attribute (e.g. slayer). Additionally, they are separated into 6 tiers (Tier 0 to 6). In the beginning stage the player is only capable of catching Tier 0 Illuvial. It also not clear yet if he is able to sell them on the market or if it is only going to be possible with tier 1 Illuvial and higher. I personally hope that it can be possible because this means that you can grind your way up. The different classes of Illuvial bring a strategy aspect to the game. Once you have a certain amount of Illuvial you will have a certain amount of energy in the battle. That means the player cannot play every single one but have to choose the right fit for the battle. This means that if you are fighting a fire-Illuvial you should probably take a water illuvial to have a strategic advantage. Furthermore, some BBB will have advantages over other BBBs which makes the battles in this game even more interesting!

To Catch Illuvial in general you need shards. As far as I understood there are different Tier Level shards. The better a shard the higher the chance to catch the defeated Illuvial. I guess the players have the chance to mine their own shards or buy them on the market. In order to use the shard players have also to activate it with some ETH. An interesting side note is that there is a finite amount of illuvial in the game. That means that if a certain amount of an Illuvial type is caught it will get harder to catch the same type again. Here it is recommended to use a higher tier shard to make sure that the player will catch the Illuvial. If the illuvial isn’t caught the player cannot catch this particular Illuvial anymore! After a certain amount of time the starting batch of illuvials will get replaced and new ones will be released into the game. This means that the starter Illuvials will not be available to catch anymore and can only be bought on the marketplace. This gives the day 0 players some kind of a “collection advantage”.

Another interesting aspect in this game is the evolving of your Illuvial. To get an Illuvial to the next stage you need to have three of the same type of Illuvial. Additionally, they must hit a certain threshold of experience. The players can get the experience in battles. Another way to evolve your Illuvial is to buy the necessary base Illuvials and then level it up like this. This will open up a market for lazy rich people who can’t be bothered to level their own team. A nice collector’s aspect to this is that there is the chance to catch shinny/ golden Illuvials. These will be probably more rare and hence more worth.

Furthermore, the process of the Illuvial searching and catching is as follows. For Illuvials higher than Tier 0 players need to visit one of 7 areas by paying fees in ETH to use an obelisk. Each area has its own type of illuvial. That means that if you are visiting a water-based area you probably encounter water based Illuvials. After arriving in this area, the player has a certain amount of energy available. Every action from now on costs energy. If you want to fight an Illuvial it costs energy. If you want to scan before fighting (in order to find out if this fight is worth it), it costs energy. This will put the player in a position where he must choose the best trade off between having lots of random illuvials and having a small amount of those that he really wants/ need.

To round up this section I wanted to talk about the resources and the economy in the game. As far as I know one of the main resources will be shards. These shards enable you to catch the Illuvials. Furthermore, there will be armor and weapons which can be upgraded as well as crafted. Last but not least, there will be different plants with different effects e.g. healing. All of these resources can be gathered and used as well as sold on the market place. I assume that these resources can be gathered by Illuvial and Illuvial 0 players. As far as economy goes there are several ways to earn money. The first and probably widest form will be the market for illuvials. Like I mentioned before, some players will not be able to or just don’t want to spent too much time on collecting the necessary illuvials so they will be willing to pay a certain amount to evolve their Illuvials or upgrade their team. Same goes with weapons and armor since there are their own NFTs. Another way will be by selling resources. Further modes could be wager duels against friends and other players in a PvP sort of mode. Here there are two modes in planning: ranked modes, where the players have the same boundaries, so skill will be the deciding factor. The other mode will be the Leviathan Arena where the illuvials will have their “real power” and somebody who jacked up his team fully will win against a player with a weak team. Here, players will be able to bet on the outcome and be able to earn or loose some money. As far as I understood the developers planned to host some sort of E-sports events with a big amount of price money which is also a possible way to earn money in this game.


After gathering all this information, reading all of these articles, watching some of the interviews and also joining the discord group I got more than excited for this game. My only question at this point was: Will my PC be able to handle this game? In the end it is a AAA-game with very high-quality graphics in my opinion. The Illuvials look very cool, and it looks like you need some sort of minimal PC requirements. After asking this in the discord group the response was vague. This is understandable since the game is not out and nobody could tell you the absolute minimum requirement. The response I got was following:


Like I mentioned 100 times before in this post, this game makes me very excited. I think it has the potential to revolutionize the whole game industry. Furthermore, the collection aspect of this game is very interesting and should lighten up everyone´s hearth that is interested in either NFTs or collector games. I cant wait to explore this world of Illuvium and start catching these NFTs!


Published by ga38jem on Publish0x on the 11th of September 2021

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