Why am I leaving Hive, read.cash and Publish0x ?

I'm really sorry for the title 😅 I promise it's not just clickbait, it's half true but I'm not leaving forever. I'm writing this little post to tell you that I'm going to be out of the platform for few days.

Between one to two weeks.

I'm currently working on special effects on a short movie and it takes me a lot of time. I already worked on it longer that I thought and I'm missing time. That's why I'm choosing to remove some work "time loss" until I finish it.

I don't have any deadline but I want it to be over as soon as possible to finally be free before going onto another project, better organization and a real deadline and real working days.

I'm taking advantage of this situation to take few experimentations. I'm not even sure I'll take the time to upvote everyday so I made few delegations.

I delegated more than 1100 HP to @leo.voter, that gives me around 0.5 LEO daily. I also wanted to delegate a little more to @hive-143869 but a did something wrong (don't ask me how) and removed 50HP to my current delegation... So I've send 50 more and I'm waiting for my 50HP to come back and resend it. I'll try to figure out how did I messed up and send to this account all my remaining HP ( maybe I'll keep around 20-50 if I want to comment or make a little post).

I've also delegated 75 LEO to @brofi to get few additional BRO during those few days.

Donald money.gif

I think I'm not touching any crypto account until the end. When I come back I'll do a quick post to show how it is to be only passive, Hodling and not looking at it.

I'm used to, in DeFi, staking, on my Hive account or even on Exchanges accounts to always look at it. To see if it took any value. When you're looking at it everyday, there is no too much changes from one day to the other. Especially when you accounts are only reaching $10, sometimes 100. The only place I have more than $1000 is here on hive. I'ts worth more than my bank account.

Looking at all these values after two weeks will show me a longer time change. On places like Cub Finance where I'm currently earning around $1 per day (0.3-35 CUB) if the price changes in 2 weeks, I xould definitely see a change. While I would be supposed to earn $14, if the price changes $1 per CUB, I could instead earn ~$20.. Or 9.

So here I am. Quitting for some time, and coming back stronger the next time !



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My journey in cinema industry
My journey in cinema industry

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