The shooting is over !


Today it was shorter but it's really harder..... And I'll probably need to reformulate that sentence. 

We woke up at 6:30 after 4 hours of sleeping to take the road to start the shooting on the beach again but this time with the sunrise.

a0f2bb5e1e330ecc7897f2e71310df8ad9a4c74b41daf3e001843f20b1a25dd9.jpgIt was pretty cold but we were quick so we finished the scene in an hours instead of two and came to the theatre to take the last images ! 

It was great because we had several lights with multiple colors and that makes really great pictures ! 

17a77b6805f4578e2f6f0b5dae5f2e1fef1957ee9e4e6562c93564a913aa8711.jpgThis is the last scene and after finishing it we realized that it was a good moment. At each moment we were having so much fun. We had giggled so much time that I couldn't count them.

Now that it's over we can just wait for the editing to be done and I will share it here as soon as I can !

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I'm studying editing in school, and I am a huge fan of cryptocurrency. I am looking for the best ways to ally cinema and blockchain.

My journey in cinema industry
My journey in cinema industry

In this blog I will post things I learned about cinema, and share the short movies, ads, and clips I made. I am french so I'll do my best to put subtitles.

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