Justice League's Snyder's Cut - A late review

Yes, I'm late, coming here weeks after it's release.

You know what ? I ain't respecting no rules and I do whatever I want whenever I want.

Ok, now that I made that ridiculous sentence I can continue.

I watched the Snyder's cut

What is my opinion ?

Wait a second, I love to talk so I'm first setting the scene.

I'm an editor, I'm starting to work in Cinema and this will not be a professional review where I analyze the story, characters and every dialog. First because I don't like that, and because there is more to say about this movie.

If you don't usually can't stand the epic/action blockbuster, I'm sorry to say that but you may have a bad time watching it, and remember that it's 4 hours long. If you do like them but have some difficulties about the fact they are most of time only action, humor and entertainment there is nothing more to say than GO ! WATCH IT !

I belong to second category. I like superhero movies. I watched the whole MCU and liked most of the movies. But after more than 10 years with those movies getting more "pure entertainment" I'm lost.

For me, a movie should be entertaining. I really hate when the only way to appreciate a movie is to analyze during hours to understand everything the director wanted to say. Even if the story is totally clear, if I am bored during the film, it could have a great story or a lot of work passed on it, I will not like it.

Since a moment, the blockbusters are doing the exact opposite, totally ignoring any implied content to only make the screenplay going fast and epic. And putting a lot of easter eggs to give the impressionto the viewers that everything is overthinked.

Justice league (2017) was probably the worst for that.

As I already said, I'm really not hard to satisfy, I liked Ant man....

Both of them


But Justice league was really hard to watch, even when thinking, I can't see a lot of positives points about it. It was so bad that I totally forgot everything about it, and I watched it again 3 months later and tried my best to remember to compare with the new version.


I watched it in two times, 2 hours each. At first, I laughed the movie on my tv, sat on the couch and started to enjoy.

The first scene, not a single word said for minutes. Music, a calm rhythm, beautiful images. I assume that for me the scene alone is better than the Whole Whedon's Cut.

Here we arrive in a movie going against the grain. What I said for other Superhero movies is not applicable here. We have a movie which is entertaining AND artistic.

The movie takes his time to tell the story, not going as fast as possible, and not jokes trying to make the -10yo laugh.

One thing I found terrible 3 years ago was that Flash, Cyborg and aquaman were added to the movie without having real introduction scenes. While Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman already had at least one movie.

This have been changed, here tens of minutes have been added only to introduce each of them and this works terribly great !

One of my biggest surprises is Flash

In the last version he was always making jokes and not really funny, he was not endearing at all.
In the new version, with his first scene we already see who he is, he's pretty kind, funny and shy. He isn't trying to make jokes, he's just funny when talking.


The photography of the movie is really beautiful. The colors, the lights, the details are really impressive.

Seeing the lights hitting everyone during the fights scenes when Flash is running and lightnings are going out of him.

There are a lot more artistic plans. When in the first episodes it was pretty simple here we have a lot of plans playing with perspective and which are pleasant to see. I cannot really explain how but we can see just thanks to those that the movie have reached a new level.


It really seem that it's another movie, almost a reboot or at least a remake, it looks totally different.

The bad guy in not Steppenwolf. Yes he is be here we really see that he's only working for someone else and he is trying to destroy the earth only to be accepted again by his chief Darkseid


Some bad side to show ?


Wonder Woman

I don't know why, wonder woman has his ultimate power which is hitting his two gauntlets together and that makes an explosion. She can even make it bigger if she hits her shield with a gauntlet.

Why us she loosing time trying to fight when she can do that ?!

And what is the problem with the music. Wonder Woman is not a young girl anymore is she ? So why each time we see her there is a choir of your girls ?


Cyborg CGI

We can see easily that the cyborg's costume is full 3D and sometimes this is problematic, when we see it slipping on his cheek for exemple.

There is even pretty strange because the face of the actor is also pretty smooth, he looks like CGI too !!


The scale of power.

I don't understand why Darkseid is beaten thousands of years ago.
When Steppenwolf came on the earth he says "That would be easy, there is no Cryptonian or lanterns". That mean, they already fight them, and the only moment they failed was on the earth. That mean they can beat lanterns and cryptonians, but they can't beat Aquaman ?

I have something else to say. The lanterns are sharing the galaxy, one lantern for a share of it. Except sometimes for big threats.

Darkseid said he already took thousands of worlds. Isn't that a galactic threat that would require every lantern to eradicate ?


They are really have a strange posture when flying. Superman especially with shoulders at the back. That's not really huge but, I needed to share it


I have to confess, this is probably one of my favorite superhero movies.

This movie is not just enhancing the previous version. I believe that even if Zach Snyder didn't quit the project, it could never be released like that at cinemas. That's a terrible things to do but while we thought that the death of his daughter destroyed the movie because he had to left, I think this made it how it should be.

If she did not die, Warner would have asked Snyder to make the movie shorter, 3 Hours max, more jokes, no 4:3, less artistic ambition to make it easy to sell, make it like marvel.

Thanks to all the hype for the Director's cut this happened and I'm so sorry it took an human life for that, but I hope some people, especially producers, will realize that we can do Artistic entertainment. Action is great but taking time to make things better can only improve everything.

All aspects of the movie are better, the musics, the characters, the DESIGN OH MY GOD STEPPENWOLF IS SO MUCH BETTER ! The 4:3 ration format is great and not a problem at all, I really thought I would not like it but, really great ! And for sure, the epilogue is showing a good cast, big characters and obviously a lot of Hype.

Thanks for reading if you're still here, it was a little long but the movie needs it !

Have a good day everyone !

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My journey in cinema industry

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