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During this period of lockdown it wasn't always possible to work on our projects. Fortunately this one was written just before it and was supposed to be shot now, after the lockdown. 

I'm writing it at the end of the first day of shooting. 

The story is about an apocalypse but only viewed through the apartment of a guy, Alan. The camera is always at the angle of the room with long shots.


The longer part of the shooting was to prepare the apartment. We had to clean it all and move the furnitures. 

The shooting is pretty light and easy. It was pretty quick and we accumulated zero delay.

There is still two days of shooting before the editing. It should be very quick to edit it because there is no much FX and there is really few shots. With some luck maybe it could be finished before July starts. 

Our bigger challenge is the light outside on the balcony but we can't plug it inside because we can't let the window open because of the cars' sounds.


The best way to do it was to use an extension cord to plus it at my neighbor's apartment. It worked, but an hour later a heavy rain started and some water passed through my neighbor's open windows so we had to unplug it and she leaves her apartment until tomorrow so when the rain ended, we weren't able anymore to plug it that way. 


The only way to make it was to let the cable pass by the window and try to keep it the more closed as we can do it. Doing it more adding some tissue to fill the window opening the sound was barely correct so we did it that way. We were pretty lucky because right after shooting these scenes some buses and trucks started to take the road and do a lot of noise. 

We have some interesting images and fortunately there is a part of the apartment that we can't see and we use it to stock all the boxes and unused lights.



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I'm studying editing in school, and I am a huge fan of cryptocurrency. I am looking for the best ways to ally cinema and blockchain.

My journey in cinema industry
My journey in cinema industry

In this blog I will post things I learned about cinema, and share the short movies, ads, and clips I made. I am french so I'll do my best to put subtitles.

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