Dick's review - RyanReynoldsChallenge (4/48)

Dick's review - RyanReynoldsChallenge (4/48)

This one is probably the best of 4 movies I reviewed since the start of this challenge.

I will start this post by saying that I don't know a lot of things about the American History. I know this movie is a fake "inspired by a true story". They take a real story and add a lot of fake things but I really don't know how much what is true and what is false.
So I'm totally adding to my watchlist "All the President's Men" which is the true story based on the novel of the two journalists investigating about the Watergate Scandal for the Washington Post. After that I would be able to understand better this whole story !


The movie is about the Watergate Scandal which led to the President Nixon's demission.

We see everything from the burglary to the resolution of everything. And what makes the movie different from any other investigation movie is that this time we see the whole plot story from the eyes of two 15 years old candid ladies just because they saw the burglary without even understanding what was happening.

The biggest problem I had while watching this movie is as I already said that I don't know the "original" story enough so I can just guess what is true and what is false. Because I imagine that the peace between the USA and the Vietnam hasn't been made by 2 young women but some points seem more possible.


There is something about Kristen Dunst and Michelle Williams which is pretty fun in that movie. They totally look like 18-20 years old women, and in real life one of them is 17 and the other is 19, but they're supposed to play 15 yo kids ! Even if they look young that doesn't work, but to my mind this is everything but a mistake !


It makes everything hilarious and make them look even more stupid than they really are in the movie !
I'm just really disappointed we don't see Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell more in the movie. But that's their role so I can't say anything. And when Ryan arrived on screen that was really a proof that he has always been that strange guy in movies so I can't wait to review Van Wilder But I still have 3 other movies to watch before, and I don't know at all where I'll be able to find Boltnek


The best part of the movie is that nobody realize they are just young naive girls. Each time they see something stupid everybody thinks this is a secret code and they're trying to manipulate the situation.
In the 4 movies I review for the challenge this is the funnier and for several reasons. It makes everything great, when it's supposed to be awkward this is and when it must be more serious it is too. They are not failing at making jokes and some are really hilarious ! I spend I really great moment watching it with my girlfriend and she liked it even if she doesn't like "stupid" movies !

For me this movie is the simple proof you can make people learn things wile they laugh and get them interested into a topic. Because now I just want to know the real story and I will for sure watch All the President's Men for that !


In that movie Ryan looks normal. Obviously you will see him way younger than today and we can see it just with his face. Today his face is way thinner !


He isn't at his best here but we can see some evolution since the beginning. As I remember he should be at his best as a young man between 2001 to 2015 before starting to become as we know him now with his age making him even better.

My last word :

You should try Dick


Now my biggest challenge will be to find a fine way to watch boltnek !

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