Creating my themed Instagram profile.

I always have been against Instagram because the platform is too often forgetting creativity to replace it with artificial beauty. People who advocate the perfection that can cause children anxiety, sadness and ill being because of their little imperfections because they think they are the only ones to have it. 

That fact that I don't like it involved that I hadn't my own account and never was going to see what was on it. One day my girlfriend showed me the accounts she followed on Instagram. That was accounts which help people to regain self confidence, to help people to accept their bodies and to help them to talk. I said to myself "ok there are not only destructive influencers, there can also be helpful ones." The vision I have from Instagram did change.

One day, I was chilling in my bed, unfit for getting up. I was wondering how could I make my own Instagram account. I don't want to do only flawless pictures, I don't want to help people to regain their lost self confidence neither because I would be horrible for that, and I don't want to juste have my account to do simple pictures. I want to do something funny because that is what I always did. The only solution was to make a themed account but a question persists "what ?".

I don't know how and when exactly I did have that idea but I was sure that was the good one. I want to do a typpical influencer's account with everyday life and hidden ads and everything like teasing their next video or next product, a selfie with their next featuring. BUT, only with my feet.

I created "Ma_vie_de_pied" which means "My foot's life" where I will try to post photos for every situation. My last photo is this 351665157-431dab56a52d9f9488cf7ade385da3c361daadbddea4afd4ded08f9e02213672.jpeg

Mes pieds en attendant le confinement #Coronavirus #Covid-19

-The description

"My feet while waiting the containment" in English. The photo dated from yesterday and the containment to avoid Coronavirus starts today ( for me it is currently 10:48Am when I am writing this sentence and it starts at 12am)

The first goal is to make photos only showing my feet in funny situations, to make it funnier I will try to have fantasy shoes or socks ( like those above with toes ).

Now I will try to make daily photo to make like my containment logbook with my feet.

Unfortunately I am french so it will be in French. There is the begining and I'm too shy to ask my friends to follow so today there are only 6 followers ( I'm sure that Cristiano Ronaldo and it's 207 Millions followers had during at least one split second only 6  followers ) 

If you want to follow my profile you can access it by this Link

As always, I'm french and not bilingual at all so there could be some mistakes. If some are too big don't hesitate to tell me that is how I will learn ! 

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My journey in cinema industry
My journey in cinema industry

In this blog I will post things I learned about cinema, and share the short movies, ads, and clips I made. I am french so I'll do my best to put subtitles.

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