UPDATE OF [Axie Infinity] #2 Farm almost 27$/Day by playing.

Hello to all readers and wonderful writers. 

Here is the update (20/02/21) of my  previous article on the farming of SLP (token of the game AXIE INFINITY) which is traded today in the $ 0.07. Almost double that when I wrote my previous article!

So you won't necessarily find any new content here, but for those who missed my article or for those who found that $ 16 per day was not enough: HERE IS THE GUIDE to farming almost $ 27 at the current token price. Look at Coingecko if you read this article later, off course it's crypto so can quickly change.

Happy reading and feel free to comment and follow :).


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Ok so that you don't get lost and to fully understand this article even if you haven't read the previous article, what is SLP?

The SLP (small love potion) is the main TOKEN in game of the game AXIE INFINITY around 0.07 $ (at time as I write these words),  you can follow the rate here ON COINGECKO


As mentioned in the previous article, it can be traded on Uniswap for eth or used for breeding (this will be the subject of an entire article on breeding).

But let's face it, the goal here is to quickly explain to you how to get a good start (if you don't have an AXIE yet, that is to say these little pokemon-like) you should take a look at my  post HOW TO CHOOSE AN AXIE FOR A GOOD START

Ok time is money, but so is knowledge! So let's start now.

You will have two modes: Adventure (pve) and Arena (pvp) and you will have to follow the operating mode to optimize your performance.

The top theoretical limit for daily SLP earnings is 390 SLP which is almost $ 27 per day if you just swap.

[1] Daily quest:
You will be able to earn 50 SLP by completing just three spots:
You log into the app, complete 10 PVE fights and win 5 PVP fights.


[2] ADVENTURE (pve)
You can earn a maximum of 100 SLP per day in PVE against AI

[3] ARENA (pvp)
Here you will earn SLPs according to your rank (trophies) of course at the beginning you will earn 1 SLP per fight won, but if you have 2200+ trophies you will receive up to 12 SLP per fight.
Your rank will of course increase over the course of the fights.



There are two bonuses that will only activate once, in PVE at two level:
-Level 21–200 SLP
-Level 36–300 SLP

To try to get straight to the point and not get lost along the way, use your time intelligently at the start, that is to say that you will not have the level (in terms of personal experience) to succeed in many combat in arena so remember:

The first weeks: Put all your energy in PVE / Adventure to gain Experience.
I agree it will become repetitive very quickly and don't force you at the risk of it quickly becoming a chore. Next, complete your Daily Quest by fighting in Arena even without energy (you can fight without energy but you will not win SLP it's just for daily quest) and win 5 matches.

After you've successfully evolved into PVE mode with your AXIES or you've had your mob bashing fix: Now you have established your Axie levels in PVE / Adventure you can focus all your energy in PVP / Arena for SLP winnings. After exhausting your energy you can farm 100 SLP in Adventure / PVE mode without energy as well as Daily Quest for 50 SLP. (as you could have done in PVP mode during your first weeks)

Finally and a very important advice and that you should not force yourself to play for a few lost SLPs if one evening you have not finished your daily quest, it remains a game and believe me it quickly becomes addicting.
On the contrary if you want your time and effort to be fully rewarded while having fun, you can earn up to 390SLP / DAY or almost $ 27. (at the time I write)


Although we will see in a future article that it is more interesting to BREED with your SLPs. (breed two of your AXIES to create babies and sell them on the MARKETPLACE for real ETH)




There is no referal link here, I just wanted to give you the pleasure that I have of playing, winning battles and therefore SLP, BREED and collecting and of course recovering ETH that I send to my SwissBorg account (Look at my previous post about) to buy CHSB or/and USDC and let the yielding do it.

I hope I have given you the best bases to start, do not hesitate if I can use my experience to make it easier for you!

Take care of yourself.


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My journey about AXIE INFINITY the nft GAME.
My journey about AXIE INFINITY the nft GAME.

After having made various articles on crypto, I chose to sort the content into several blogs. One blog per project, so that you can find your favorite readings more easily =). This one is about AXIE INFINITY, the game where you can PLAY TO EARN (real eth) .

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