[Axie Infinity] #1 (SUMMARY) How this game let you PLAY TO EARN (real ETH realy)

Hello to all readers and wonderful writers.
For those who have read my previous presentation post this article will be translated in French also soon.

Do you like cute little monsters and cryptocurrency? If so, you must have heard of Axie Infinity, an Ethereum blockchain game that has been around for a few years! Combining RPG and collectible, Axie is not just about an arena of 3 creatures fighting against each other, but more than that.

I don't blame you, before December I didn't know this game ... which today has become a growing NATION
Where trades and sells for over $ 200,000 every 7 days.


Each Axie is a little monster that has its own characteristics such as physical traits but also combat skills.

To start playing, and this is the only point that can block you with the current gas fees, you need to buy 3 axie on the marketplace (the easiest being to have Metamask to automatically connect for transactions).

THESE AXIES WILL BE YOURS! These are NFTs (no fugible token) and will be stored on your wallet like a token)

The current average price is $ 80 for a single AXIE without counting gas fees. Ok today it may be a lot for sure and a real brake to begin with.

When I started I had to invest $ 100 in total, gas fees included (which I paid back in two weeks and now it's only gain).

But you come at the right time , because AXIE INFINITY to unlock its own SiDECHAIN ​​"Ronin" which is like a METAMASK to put it simply but where the gas fees will be almost non-existent.


So if you are not in such a hurry and do not necessarily have the sum to start (the price of AXIEs should drop when RONIN is fully in place in the MONTH OF MARCH, the gas fees will no longer passed on by the sellers on the price of their baby)

The game is a POKEMON LIKE where each AXIE has a class (type WATER, PLANT, etc.).
You have the adventure mode (PVE) and the ARENA mode (PVP) I will come back in a future article on the best way to use both modes for FARM of SLP (Token)


And here we are! What is SLP? (Small love potion) this is a token you earn in both modes (currently worth around $ 0.03) LOOK ON COINGECKO if this post is not updated and you have a current limit of around 390 SLP per day!


So you will be able to either farm it in large quantities and exchange it for ETH on Uniswap for example.
Either (and I will also do an article on breeding only) breed TWO of your AXIES to have a baby who will become adult in 5 days.
For that you will have to pay in SLP of course (which for my part gives me a return 5 times higher than if I swap them only).


While waiting for the complete development of "RONIN" their Sidechain in MARCH my small farm business is in slow motion because of very high gas fees since you have to pay a SMARTCONTRACT in order to resell your AXIEs on the MARKETPLACE.
And currently it eats up too much my margin for me not to be able to wait 30 days ...

You will understand, being able to play and win money (for a much lower investment than some AAA games at $ 70 or even more than you will finish in one night) is the concept that AXIE INFINITY defends where in some countries men and women manage to make a living from it.
It is a wonderful change in society to feed your family in an emerging country with just a computer/mobile phone and AXIES!

But that's not all, AXIE INFINITY is also:
-the possibility of having one's own land and farming AXS (the AXIE INFINITY token which currently costs around $ 1.70 ($ 0.90 7 days ago ...).
-A token available on BINANCE
-A very fluid mobile app.
-A community and volumes on the active and daily marketplace!


And many others  which will be the subject of several more articles! So follow me and stay tuned !

There is no referal link here, I just wanted to give you the pleasure that I have of playing, winning battles and therefore SLP, BREED and collecting and of course recovering ETH that I send to my SwissBorg account (Look at my previous post about) to buy CHSB or/and USDC and let the yielding do it.

Interest on interest ...

Take care of you, xoxo.




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My journey about AXIE INFINITY the nft GAME.
My journey about AXIE INFINITY the nft GAME.

After having made various articles on crypto, I chose to sort the content into several blogs. One blog per project, so that you can find your favorite readings more easily =). This one is about AXIE INFINITY, the game where you can PLAY TO EARN (real eth) .

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