Bitcoin Blast, Earning Real Satoshi? Legit?? Is it Worth My Time??

Hey everyone! It has been such a long time since I have last written a game review, simply because I have been really busy in the real world...

But I recently found something I kind of get addicted due to stress.... (Not a good thing indeed); but instead of wasting my life away doing pointless mobile games that does nothing but taking my money, I tried a particular game that claims to earn real satoshi...

So I gave it a try...

Bitcoin blast?

First Look 

I have played this sort of games before; but most of the time it was a sham after a few weeks down the road. This game too I wanted to take it own with a pinch of salt until something really tangible works.


To be honest this game is really a rip off annoying when it comes to advertisements. And when you talk about advertisements, I have NEVER experienced THIS MUCH advertisements before, and most of the time, they are in an average of 30 seconds. Man, the app developer is really smart in a way getting a lot of ad revenue for high traffic access with all these "money related" ads that people want to spend.

Occasionally I do see Greenpeace ads along the process though....

How Easy is the game?


If you have been playing games like candy crush years ago, you would have noticed very similar interfaces that it likes to do, but fair enough, because of the amount of ads it is blasting at your face every single game entry, they shouldn't make it so hard.


All you have to do is press on your finger on the right coloured coin and trace its path to demolish the coins and whatever it needs to remove; in this case, they are chocolates; pretty much the standard eye and mind visualisation coordination puzzles that I find it great whenever I have a brain block moment.

small cash out

Another pro point for try outs is that it allows low threshold payouts, which is 10% of the points you earned from this game. Yeah, 90% of the revenue probably goes to game development. Programmers and graphic UI designers gotta eat too.


The moment I got into the minimal threshold I got to make my move. I really don't want to waste my time on something that doesn't work; so I might as well test and see if coinbase really still take in tiny satoshi transactions or not. They used to be able to do that until mining fees became too expensive; and then lightning network came in and it seemed to have resolved a lot of these issues.

the undesirable wait

This is where the rubber meets the road acid test part comes in, patience and calm - because I can only know 24 - 48 hours later to see whether it works or not.


Fortunately within hours after the request of withdrawal I got this notification; which is a positive note that things could well be working towards its way.


After 24 hours it actually mentioned that payment has been processed; but then coinbase showed nothing. There were no transaction address for me to see if there's something going out. It's a total limbo for me especially when coinbase actually has problems logging in with mobile wallet. Can't even get the password to work even though it works from PC!

48 hours later...


Finally! When I checked my coinbase wallet again the second day, There IS INDEED 52 satoshi , not one satoshi less! Well at least at this point of time it gives loads of promising to me; because if I can't sleep or my brain gets another inspiration block I can clear it with some logic and eye observation!


For the sake of sanity and not over bleeding on transactions, this game developer is smart enough to stop players from withdrawing every minimum withdrawal threshold and 5 days is actually enough ads to watch and play for really bored people (or maybe even seniors who needs some mind thinking and doesn't mind ads blasting at their faces) to reach a substantial amount of satoshi should they do so.

But mind you, I seemed to have come to a level (after 2 days of playing) that things are just getting a lot harder!


Another good thing that I like and approve about this game is that it doesn't allow you to be overly addicted (also protecting advertisers from totally bankrupt immediately) to games and you need to get on in life after probably around 10 - 15 levels of playing (I can't remember how many rounds), at least you won't waste your time too much unless you are taking public transport / waiting for someone while having much idle time to burn.

So, how about you?

Would you think that you might actually give this a go, or maybe get your bored seniors some entertainment for such games? Mind you, all the ads are all about (gambling) trading apps and the repeats can be really annoying.

If you so happened to have downloaded this before, feel free to share with me in the comments on your experiences!

(Or share me a link in the comments that I can go check it out later)

So far so good, I am not rejecting any btc, and coinbase has made it relatively easy for this app to send satoshi via email.

It would have been very cool too if this game pays alt coins as well... maybe they do? I might need to check those out if they do haha. 

If you have never tried this game before, click on the reference link, or click here to download from Google Play. You can login with Google / Facebook.

Until Then

Stay healthy and stay safe!

Peace be with you!


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