Why I despise crypto


I have been a crypto-currency and blockchain enthusiast for around 5 years. From day 1 I loved the concept,

the vision for the future and the idea that a decentralized utopia could be a great place to thrive for those

who often feel beaten back by the system.


Today I have u-turned because over the 5 years the systems have grown significantly and people are

thriving but in all the wrong ways!!!!


So here's how things look now:

95% of ICO's are 100%BS/the 5% that are legit intentions are offering what already exists without a coin.

Gambling sites around every corner.

HYIP everywhere.

Exchanges lieing about hacks and volumes.

teams of rich people colluding against the poor.



Don't invest in ICO's

Don't invest in IEO's

Don't pledge funds to voting projects

Don't donate work for later returns

don't use gambling sites

don't invest in stablecoins

don't waste time with faucet sites

Don't buy crypto with fiat.


All in all the industry is a black hole, the sooner you admitt that the wealthier you will be.





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Poker Player, Trader, Crypto enthusiast.

My Introduction - A Poker Players & Crypto
My Introduction - A Poker Players & Crypto

I have been playing poker for around 10 years, crypto fount me in a discussion at the tables and ever since I have been addicted. There is many developing poker sites around the crypto world you may want to check out.

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