EARN $43 + $7 in BAND on Coinbase Earn

EARN $43 + $7 in BAND on Coinbase Earn

By mbatory | My-info | 11 Dec 2020

Hello guys!
Coinbase came on with new campaign, this time paid in BAND. You can earn up to $50.

$7 from me by using my referral link

If you came to BAND campaign by using my referral link, I will get $10 in BAND. Here is a special deal for first four users. I will give you $7 from these $10, if you used my referral link. This is something which you will never find.


After clicking on the link you have to do at least one question correctly. Then write me on my discord server that you finished your quiz, put me there your email, which you use for logging in to your Coinbase account. Please, write me directly after you finished the quiz.

$1 for every correct answer

The questions aren't hard this time (they are really primitive). But I am putting here my answer for you to be 100% sure you do all questions correctly.

  • #1 What does Band bring to blockchains?

Answer #1: Real world data

  • #2 What are Band's decentralized data feeds called?

Answer #2: Oracles

  • #3 What's one benefit of stakind your BAND tokens?

Answer #3: Earn crypto rewards

$10 for every invited person

This is the reason why I am writing this post. You can invite up to four people. You can get $10 for each one.

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