My Adventure in the Digital World

By Secrett | My In-World Journal | 27 Mar 2022

My Adventure in the Digital World

Yes, I still consider myself a newbie in this online earning strategies and virtual metaverse world, despite the fact that I have been logging into websites to claim minimal tokens, doing faucets, and offerwalls in which I believe it is pure fantasy how they promote their sites with opportunities to earn large sums of money while emphasizing that it is passive income.

Looking into the crypto realm is intriguing, but I'm not sure if I'm too early or too late to board this massive ship.
I, like many others, am interested in seeing if the crypto world can make me wealthy.
But how do you do it?
One of the problems is that I just cannot afford to invest a significant amount of money.
Well, I'm already pleased that I purchased USD20 worth of Shiba Inu coins.
I guess I'm a ShibaArmy lol.

The NFT markets are another trendy topic.
Everyone is speculating on how this can turn you into a millionaire.
They talk about how easy it is to sell their artwork or creations, but they don't disclose the initial gas costs.
You spend time collecting resources to craft NFT items in the Play to Earn games and metaverse.
So I crafted an NFT item just to discover that I'll have to pay gas fees to transfer it to OpenSea if I want to sell it.

I'm neither a writer or an author, and I don't believe my English is good enough to produce literary fiction.
I simply want to document my in-world experiences in the hopes of earning wisely and decently.

Lastly, I would like to thank PublishOx for the approval. A chance to earn any tips for my future investments.

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My In-World Journal
My In-World Journal

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