My second blog post and another sandwich

By Morgan Izzard | My sandwich updates | 25 Jul 2023

Hello all!

Another day and another blog post! The feelgood feeling from seeing people viewing my first post and even tipping it was nice, hopefully this one builds on my first post and gives me motivation to keep going.


This time it's a shop bought sandwich with a few added extras. Malted bread, roast ham slices, cheddar cheese slices and I've added in sliced red apple and salted nachos/tortillas.

I quite like these type of sandwiches as the apple and the crisps add in different types of crunch and flavour. The cheese and ham providing a mild background taste to the whole thing.

Crypto wise, I'll be honest and say I don't own much but I am hoping by contributing here regularly and also using places like Cointiply and Gemly (as well as a few staking services and survey sites that pay out to PayPal) I can generate a steady income stream that by reinvesting what I make, I can continue to grow it. I haven't done a serious calculation yet of my earnings but weekly income for Crypto spending and accumulating is going to be well South of $10 right now.

I think I'll finish up today's entry and give some thought on what I can talk about in my next post. Definitely another sandwich but maybe a bit more detail on what my aims are.


Thanks all, catch you next time.

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Morgan Izzard
Morgan Izzard

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My sandwich updates
My sandwich updates

A blog post on a semi regular schedule of what interesting sandwiches I've made and eaten.

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