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MAY 06, 2013
Imagine the ecstasy of getting into your dream school, college company, or job. I also opportunity to study into my ream school and the way I felt and experienced was unimaginable.


The day I get into the Military school after a long procedure qualifying an entrance examination, getting interviewed, undergo a physical test, a medical test, and finally a calling letter after examining the entire performance.

Finally, saying goodbye to parents after being settled down in a dormitory especially meant for plebe. I chit-chatted a little with this guy who was having his bed stalled besides mine. We were getting familiar with each other like a novice and, after a while, he took me to the textbook department to get issued the academic books which he was already issued, to my surprise I found had I been here a while ago I would have been fortunate enough to get the books issued. So, we finally crashed into our dorm.


      In the evening we had a tea (no need to mention I’m fond of tea, tell me if you’re also fond of tea) Few took their military haircut in the meantime while I was lying down on my bed planned to have it the other day. We were told to get ready for the evening class (PREP CLASS) which was actually meant for cadets to self-study in the academic block. It was clear that it isn’t a normal academic class.
  We turned out in a formal dress which was a plain white shirt, a plain white pant, and an oxford toe this dress was the code for the evening class especially in summer, while, it was also the dress code for the plebe since our military school dress was yet to be stitched and delivered. But, here my shoes were not actually an oxford toe but a fancy one for which I was prodded by the senior-incharge.
  We had a roll call for this, immediately in not more than 10 seconds the whole junior house was in their formal dress standing in a fall-in of 3 multiplied by ‘X number of rows. There was a senior-incharge who was of 9th grade and we were in 7th and, he was to be held responsible for the proper turnout of the juniors failing which will lead to a rigorous drill (military punishment) of the whole 9th grade seniors by the seniormost i.e. 12th-grade seniors and which further flows a rigorous drill of 8th grade by the 9th grade finally, completing the sequence, a rigorous drill for 7th grade by the 8th-grade seniors. So seniors must ensure that their juniors are properly turned out.
    After inspecting the dress, his shirk also includes preparing a report of cadets who are sick, who took excuses for the class, and who are engaged elsewhere and deliver orally to the ‘HOUSE CAPTAIN’. Inspecting dress means alls shirt buttons are aligned with the zip of the pant and the belt, and the tie not to exceed the bottom line of the belt everyone having the decent haircut ( which here is the military haircut), whether the shoes are such shining that you would be able to see your face in the boots.

  After going through all these norms, the senior incharge had to take permission to move the squad to the academic block followed by a marching drill. Where the senior again had to give the squad report to the ‘SCHOOL CADET CAPTAIN OR SCHOOL CADET VICE-CAPTAIN or the seniormost whoever was present there. After that, we had to enchant the ‘SANSKRIT’ prayer, especially for the evening class.

The CAPTAIN commanded ‘disperse’ and we proceeded to our respective classes occupied a seat, and in the meantime, the class was occupied by a senior who could be anyone, and yeah, it’s a good practice of ensuring that the juniors do not shout in the class disturbing others.
Amidst the prep class, a senior from 10th grade entered the classroom and he was looking for me as I was his younger brother. He took me outside of the class asked if I’m feeling comfortable in the new environment to which I replied “sir, it’s just been 3-4 hours in the school how could I express the experience so early”. Well, it was the dreams school of mine so I was feeling way too thrilled by the etiquettes, norms, practices, and so on.
this is a picture of faculty with administrative officers

This is a picture of our faculty members along with the administrative officers.

It was about an hour and a half when the siren rang indicating the seize of the evening class, the cadets gathered in a fall-in in their respective squad, the squad marched towards the MESS ( DINING HALL) which was 400 meters away from the academic block but this 400m journey is so long that it takes us three-quarter of an hour or sometimes a whole hour to reach because the senior-incharge gets us practiced for the march-parade and this practice prevails the whole year round no matter if stormy weather or any supernatural event is occurring right in front of us. Finally, after about 45 minutes we reached the dining hall occupied a chair which 7th and 8th grade was supposed to sit by leaving 2 chairs followed by one of his batchmates. The mess captain starts enchanting the thanksgiving prayer before the meal, followed by juniors enchanting the same line. Finally, we settled down, and as a rule, defined by the seniors we had to seek permission “MAY I TAKE IT” from the 9th-grade senior, for every item we want that is kept on the table to eat.

  While everyone is having their meal the senior-incharge was also supposed to deliver the report of their respective squad whether everyone is here and dining or not. He also has the shirk of ensuring that the juniors get to suffice their appetite. And when the senior-incharge of all the squad are ensured that everyone has had their meal, he was to report the mess captain for the thanksgiving prayer after the meal which means those who are sufficed with their meal they can walk away to their respective dorm while those yet to be finished can sit and eat more.


As we landed at our dorm an 8th-grade senior passed an instruction to wear the traditional night-suit and they will be here for enlightening us with the various rules made by the seniors to be followed for the next 6 years. After 5 minutes 2 8th grade seniors came and made us stand in a fall-in in the dorm itself and starts telling the rules.


e woke up by a whistling sound at exactly 0500 hours from the house matron and we had 30 minutes to get freshen up and ready for the physical training in the required dress, we marched to the ground in the same manner as we did to the academic block followed by some reports and finally starts a 45 minutes physical training period, A senior took our class( 7th grade) made us run two rounds of the 400-meter athletic track which was really exhausting for a plebe, followed by some other exercises which to our no surprise gifts us with cramps and for the entire week while adapting to these various physical training we did nice ‘CAT WALK’ in the entire campus.


This is a picture of our under-construction auditorium.

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