A morning after heavy run.

By priviyat | My experiences. | 24 Jul 2021


        We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. —Native American proverb

    The night was a beautiful full moon day and with a surprising amount of clouds, making the atmosphere cool enough which was in fact necessary because these days it's prickling hot and this cool weather allows you to enjoy the day beautifully.
           I retire off myself to sleep exactly at 01:00 am and till that there was no sign of any upcoming rain in such a short period, I quickly fell asleep in less than 15 minutes, only when my sleep broke at 02:00 am with the heavy rain, it was really violent enough to wake me up. I felt good with this sudden rain and went again to sleep for about the next quarter to 2 hour, when finally I woke up at 03:40 am and started with my daily routine.

   This is the picture at 04:40 am from my roof, I immediately like this beautiful reddish sky this morning and therefore I decided to give it a shot although, I'm not a good photographer. I came back from the roof immediately as I had already decided to run.
 I laced up my shoes and took my phone to finally depart for the run. 

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        I wanted to have a slow run today and for next few runs.  It was a good start with a music-on and steeping continuously forth on the concrete where I encountered many people old, young, youths, everyone some running while the others having their little walk. 
  I feel really happy to see people while I'm running.
              Finally, I reached the way to home and today I took a  half different course for my run and I enjoyed it.

        I wish you all a jaunty day. 
Thank you. 

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I'm a running enthusiast (lately), I like to learn from my surrounding, love to learn new things, I started reading books (lately)

My experiences.
My experiences.

This blog page is about telling my various experiences.

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