You can now visit the International Space Station as tourists

In an article on their official website NASA announced that regular people will be able to board the the International Space Station, also in the realm of possibilites will be commercial and marketing activities.
Ofcourse this is a buisness and the tickets will be quite expensive. The cost for using the space station facilities will be about $35000 per night, according to New York Times, and this is not including the transportation cost from and to the International Space Station.

NASA will continue testing and researching in order to assist their plans to land American astronauts on the Moon before 2024. There were been 18 years of testing so far on the the International Space Station and this is not going to end anytime soon. 
In order companies to be able to conduct their marketing actvities they will have to demonstrate a clear necessity for the microgravity environment.
"Bigelow Aerospace", a Las Vegas-based company is planning to use SpaceX's rockets to be transporting up to 4 tourists to the International Space Station.
They however won't be the first non-astronauts that will be visiting there. Seven people already have been there during trips organized by the Russian Space Program.


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