Don't Lose Money in this Chinese Scam !! Must Read

Don't Lose Money in this Chinese Scam !! Must Read

               In this blog I'll explain a little about the new Chinese scam network. This is a simple money gambling game which many people lose their money on this game, and Now it is very popular in India.

How to find this scam network ?

         If you want to find this scam on the internet means simply go to google and type "Earn Money Online" (Works in India) Then you can see a lot of pages there you also see some google sponsored ads which are those scams. 


         On this website, there is nothing but a WhatsApp number with a quote  "Want to earn money message me", Once you message them they will send some already written messages. In that message, they demonstrate us to register an account on their gambling site there we people loss money.

How I'm saying this as a Chinese Scam?

     They people don't know English so if you message them they'll use google translate and they can't understand poor English. In my case that guy who I spoke with sometimes sends messages without translating (In Chinese) then He'll do "delete for everyone" in WhatsApp. If you see that gambling sites source code there you can see many Chinese words.

What was the game all about?

  The game is a simple color prediction game, There we want to guess the upcoming color in a row, You can easily understand by looking at this picture.

Unknown scam behind colour prediction game that you need to know. Beware of  scams.


  Here before that countdown ends we have to predict the next upcoming color and then we have to bet on that color(Red or Green) if the prediction color came then we get the money doubled or we will lose all that money, also we can bet on numbers that are a bit difficult but we will get X9 amount if number prediction won.

How I'm saying this is a scam?

     The secret behind that gambling is very simple. There are only two colors there (Red and Green) So people have only two option either Red or Green so the website always shows lower bet side as the winner I mean if Red have 10$ Bet and Green have 20$ Bet means the winning color is Red because that is lower bet side so if you want to win you have to be in lower bet side but it is very difficult, Using this algorithm that scam company earns most of the money and a lot of people in India losing their money on this website and they're addicted to this like games and more than 20 suicides happened in my state by playing this, So I'm just making an awareness post.


Earn money only bye Hardwork,

Don't Go for easy Money then you might lose !

Have a Nice Day ♥.

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My Experience in Chinese Scam Network.
My Experience in Chinese Scam Network.

I request everyone not involve color game scam by Chinese. I looks easy but is not that much easy as you think you will lose all your money if you play this scam. I'll write all the detailed information about this scam in my post.

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