DeFi - Week 7 - The End

By Cryptoft | My DeFi Journey | 2 May 2022

7 Weeks in and I have decided to bring this experiment to an end.

I have lost at nearly everything and we are not talking just a dollar loss, I have less crypto than I started with.

I have come to the conclusion that DeFi LP farming is just not for me, I would be much better staking my coins for a guaranteed crypto gain.

I will be keeping my PHBD-USDC farm alive on Polycub as it is the only place I haven't made a loss due to both being stablecoins. My biggest killer throughout all this has been loss through divergence in my liquidity pairs. I will also keep the CUB I have in the kingdom on Cubdefi.

My farms on Yield Wolf are also down, which just goes to show high APR can't cover the divergence loss.


Again i am not looking at dollar value, that is irrelevant to me, I look only at the crypto amount and I am not gaining.


My conclusion from this experiment is DeFi is not for me and I would have been better just staking my tokens which would have left me in a better position. This of course is not financial advice, just my opinion and my experience.

If you are doing DeFi then do your own research and I wish you the best.


I will just go back to staking and continue growing my portfolio through the play to earn scene.

Stay tuned and I will look at some of the games I am playing to grow my portfolio.

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My DeFi Journey
My DeFi Journey

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