Dcity Update - Law Firm + Uni + Beer Fest

By futureanalogue | My dCity Story | 25 Jan 2021

Hey folks, Graham here.

I bought some new cards today and i done it all with crypto from blogging on hive.

1 x Law Firm 6.355 hive ($0.82). Reduces Tax by 10%
2 x Basic Home cards 0.594 hive
1 uni 2.54 hive (+10 Education)
1 uni 509 sim 2.12 hive ($0.30)

I also unlocked the Eco Energy Technology and started a Beer Fest event. I have already received 1 hard worker. The last time I checked they were selling for 4 hive which is great. I have just checked and the current lowest price is a crazy 20 hive ! I might put up mine for 10 and see if anyone bites.

I also received 1 normal worker.

Peace, G

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My name is Graham Cook and I am 47 years old. I am a DJ and producer from Scotland now living off grid in the South of Spain with a community of travellers, punks and hippies.

My dCity Story
My dCity Story

Welcome to dCITY. Here you can build your own city on the Hive platform and be the master of your own kingdom. dCITY will allow players to optimize their cities in terms of buildings, population and income. It is a city simulator game based on Hive-Engine NFT tokens. The NFT tokens represent assets in the game, individual cards are buildings and the total collection of your cards is your city. The aim of the game is to buy new buildings, but also use diplomacy and tact with fellow players to achieve the m

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