Sorrow & Happiness in A Blink

Understanding Sorrow & Happiness in a Blink

By Melina Mehr | My cycling experiences | 25 Aug 2020

It was almost sunset when all my work was done, so just out of nowhere I decided to leave the house and ride to the beach on my bike.

There was not much time left until the darkness overcome the light entirely and my bike didn’t have a light. There was no time to waste, I thought I would go quickly and I’ll come back before night time.

The road was busy and cars were driving madly, but my heart was pounding to visit the sea, and I wanted to watch the roaring waves on the beach, even for a few minutes.

Cars were coming left and right,  barking at me with their honks, It was like my little bike being stuck in the middle of a buffalo herd, anxiously trying not to be crushed under their feet or getting hit by their horns.

Drivers kept honking at me angrily like it wasn't my right to be here because they were enormous and giant big boxes and I was just a lonely cyclist, but I did not lose myself and kept moving, so for a moment it made me feel proud and I felt a bit happiness flowing in my veins.

I reached the beach in 20 minutes. The sun was slowly disappearing. I stood in front of the sea and saw the waves. People had reached the shore in their cars and dumped a lot of garbage. My heart sank for a moment into sadness rushing inside.

A little further on, a dead animal was rotting and a hungry skinny dog ​​was barking around the corpse for a piece of meat ... Seeing this scene and the stench of the carcass caught my heart by surprise and sorrow find it’s way back into me again.

It was getting late, I got on the bike. I had to go back soon. Now I could see the street lights on and cars were speeding on the road. Could I go back 20 minutes before it is completely dark?! Worry left a stain of sadness on me again, but I didn’t get disappointed and jumped on the bike involuntarily and started paddling. I was happy that despair had not overcome me and I felt the presence of joy in my blood again.

A little further on, a child holding his mother's hand waved for me laughing, I waved the kid back and laughed back and happiness poured down into my spirit unimaginably. A bit further on, a girl raised her hand as a sign of victory out of the car and waved for me.

 I laughed and waved back again and once again I was overjoyed ...

A little later, I arrived home tired but lively ... because drops of joy and happiness have been dripping into my being and I was not worried about anything. I said to myself: Life is a mixture of sadness and happiness, obstacles and encouragement, pride, and despair.

We are not the ones always creating joy but sometimes they are just out there and we have to pick them up! ... we just have to believe them.


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Melina Mehr
Melina Mehr

I'm a freelance writer, passionate about, music, books and nature.

My cycling experiences
My cycling experiences

When I go riding on my bike, the world around me becomes exciting and so elegant all at once, so despite the shortcomings, disasters and horrors… I embrace it. I know it is not just me having these feelings, but I’m definitely another nature lover looking for unanswered questions in an extraordinary manner as well. I cherish the pictures caught by my camera and the ones remained forever in my essence.

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