Life Is Gorgeous When You Stand Above The Clouds

By Melina Mehr | My cycling experiences | 17 Sep 2020

Guilan, Iran

Cycling to discover Kish Dibi, Iran A summer Village in the heart of the mountains. 

Everyone has their own story, and people's travel narratives are so many and sometimes so Incredible that those tales seem even unbelievable for themselves.

Mountain roads toward summer villages tell the strangest stories of nature. When cycling on mountain roads, you have an exciting journey that will be accompanied by a heavy and pleasant feeling.

The higher you go, the colder the weather becomes, and the closer you get to the village, the lower the clouds come in and the more you open your eyes to see the wonders.


When you stand above the clouds

Mountain roads can be considered the most mysterious places, with their extraordinary paths, they immerse you in a foggy maze, the ups and downs of which are accompanied by a weird feeling mixed by excitement, fear, and joy.

And you pedaling incessantly, the trees on the two sides of the road are soaring and you do not see the view well, but you know that it will be fantastic when it arrives in your sight, and surely it is!  

You can enjoy the smell of rain that finds its drop on your body and face,  along with the moisture of the leaves of fragrant trees invades the human nostrils and you just go ahead and hit the heart of nature with determination.

And your face cools down in the presence of a strong, tangible breeze that blows like a gentle wind.




And how pleasant it is when nature loves you as much as you love and respect it.1d8121fecb3c72344552374e5bd46f77ef599a9e1788bc0e424d107ba920d29e.jpeg


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Melina Mehr
Melina Mehr

I'm a freelance writer, passionate about, music, books and nature.

My cycling experiences
My cycling experiences

When I go riding on my bike, the world around me becomes exciting and so elegant all at once, so despite the shortcomings, disasters and horrors… I embrace it. I know it is not just me having these feelings, but I’m definitely another nature lover looking for unanswered questions in an extraordinary manner as well. I cherish the pictures caught by my camera and the ones remained forever in my essence.

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