UNIA Airdrop ends May 10 - Just need an ETH Wallet address to take part

By LoveCrypto | My CryptoEducation | 4 May 2021

For those interested - the UNIA Airdrop ends May 10. At that point they will disperse tokens and be listed on various exchanges. Their site claims states they will be available on Uniswap, Binance, and Huobi.

You just need an ETH Address to take part.  They are giving out10 UNIA in the airdrop.

What is UNIA? 

UNIA, the full name UNIASWAP.COM, is the forerunner of the permanent liquidity of the DEFI governance token UNI and the offsetting of impermanent losses. It is an inflation token based on liquidity and at the same time through permanent liquidity governance to offset impermanent losses, the next generation of intelligent aggregator. The Jurong Finance platform, which supports multiple DeFi protocols, is based on the UNI fork, which simplifies the user threshold and provides lower rates to promote the DEFI ecosystem. 

I was able to successfully add their token into Metamask using the Custom Token feature. I will post back here once it gets funded from their airdrop.

If you would like to take part you can click this link to sign up: UNIASWAP.

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My CryptoEducation
My CryptoEducation

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