Town Star from Gala Games – it was so boring I forgot I was playing it

By LoveCrypto | My CryptoEducation | 17 Apr 2021

A couple weeks ago I signed up for Town Star – the Global Competition Game of Town and City Builders from Gala Games. The cute graphics were pleasant, and earning crypto through games is a concept I absolutely love.

I do not mind casual games, or clicky games (I am embarrassed to admit how many hours I have spent playing Roller Coin games). However, I just couldn’t get into this game so took a break from it. To be honest, I forgot I had even started playing it until I got an email from Gala Games today.

I am not sure what I am missing. I am assuming it is me, but the game was just boring. It seems like it borders being a great game where strategic building and timing matters, but it just doesn’t seem to be part of the game mechanics.

For those playing Town Star – did you enjoy it right out of the starting gate? Or did something click after a while that made the game more exciting? Or what?

I hope their other game they just announced – Fortified – is more fun immediately upon playing for the first time.

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My CryptoEducation
My CryptoEducation

For this blog I will be journaling my observations, thoughts, and experiences on my educational journey through this wild and crazy crypto land. I will review the sites I have experimented on, review some of the games I play (I am particularly fascinated with NFT's within games), and share some of the strategies I am trying.

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