Help Wanted: What resources do you use to learn about blockchain / crypto games?

By LoveCrypto | My CryptoEducation | 1 May 2021

I am hoping the Publish0x community will be able to help me out here. I have collected a few resources on blockchain / crypto games, but these are typically lists of already developed and well-established games. This is fine, I am enjoying trying out the games. Unfortunately, most have not been that fun.

I often read of games here on Publish0x, but when I look into these newer games I always seem to have missed the window of opportunity to get involved as a founder / or get some of the early rewards and airdrops for helping test the games out.

My question to the community: What resources do you use to learn about blockchain / crypto games that are in development or just opening up their testing opportunities? 

Thanks in advance to whomever is able to help me find some new resources to bookmark and begin monitoring.

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My CryptoEducation
My CryptoEducation

For this blog I will be journaling my observations, thoughts, and experiences on my educational journey through this wild and crazy crypto land. I will review the sites I have experimented on, review some of the games I play (I am particularly fascinated with NFT's within games), and share some of the strategies I am trying.

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