Impending financial collapse

Many experts have been saying this for a while and perhaps some people are beginning to think if it was going to happen it would have by now but Governments have been doing there utmost to delay or stop this by printing endless amounts of money. What happens to this money? 

A combination of things but the bottom line is this money is all debt which eventually has to be paid and who pays it? Citizens who pay taxes like you and me.

The money created is either spent on goods and services or invested and because there were shut downs there are less goods and more money so prices go up and inflation occurs.

Money invested helps keep stock prices artificially high but eventually this bubble will burst.

What should you do to protect yourself? I am not a financial advisor but from watching Youtube it appears different experts have different views. Personally I would say spread your risk and get out of stocks (take profits). Own some gold and/or silver and a bit of crypto currency . Have some money ready to buy shares when the collapse happens. Keep some cash in hand in case banks limit withdrawals.

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Not really a big reader but interested in crypto

My Cryptocurrency Journey (Part 1)
My Cryptocurrency Journey (Part 1)

I started in cryptocurrency in June 2017 when the last bull run was in its final 6 months big run up (although I didnt realise that at the time). My portfolio of about £3000 had reached a total of approx £27000 but unfortunately I didnt cash out so this is presently (5/1/20) worth 50% of my original investment but I am hoping an upturn is underway and I will be back in a profit. I will in next part give some thoughts and tips for newbies (who dont intend to learn technical analysis and day trade).

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