Before you invest another dollar, try this. You wont be disappointed.

Some of the best crypto advice I ever received wasn't really advice, but more pointing me in the right direction to get a better understanding of what really this crypto is all about.

So, I took the opportunity to dive into some things that would benefit me more than any other advice I could hope for. That advice consisted of two parts and has served me well. Its basic and fundamental.

The first thing was, I was encouraged to read Satoshi Nakamotos Bitcoin white paper, which I did. The second thing was, to read the early bitcoin talk threads, before 2011. This was to get a better understanding of what was in Satoshi's head. Now, I can truly say this was the best cryptpocurrency learning experience that I have ever had. It gave me the core values of BTC which would later give birth to other projects. If there was anything I could pass on it would be this.

Check the links below, they are invaluable. 

More of Satoshi's vision to come. A breakdown of what trends we will see and why certain projects will do better than others. 

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bobby d!gital
bobby d!gital

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A cryptocurrency journey ongoing
A cryptocurrency journey ongoing

A journey ongoing. Lets explore projects with great potential, whitepapers, protocols and the emerging DeFi trends and maximize this new era in finance.

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