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My crypto passive income (October 2021)

And I'm back to it, once again here is my report of all my crypto passive income. I feel sorry for not posting any article during the month but I swear my job is taking my whole energy and I need more rest than usual. The fun fact for a crypto enthusiast is that I work for a bank haha.

So now let's see how much this month was worth for my portfolio, with a $BTC rising a lot, which is usually a good indication about cryptocurrency market, even though I really don't hold a lot of Bitcoin in my bag.

Not a lot of changes in my wallet, but still some interesting point that I'll tell you more about. Let's not wait anymore and start the monthly report.


Not a lot of things to say there, I'm still staking lots of $SNX at a very good APY (more than 20%). I'm reinvesting the tokens unlocked from one year ago when the amount needed is completed (at least 4 SNX tokens).

You can stake your Synthetix Network tokens there ->

Total rewards : 5,60773585 SNX

Total staking : 59.10 $



I'm a bit disappointed that $CEL token is losing and losing value while I personally think that the company is giving back to the community so much value. However, while the token prize is rather low, the stablecoins you lend make you earn a higher quantity of tokens. So my DAI, USDT, CEL, BTC, ETH, BCH and BAT have "produced" a bit more than 2 CEL tokens this month.

Also, I'm looking forward to trade my Basic Attention Token and Bitcoin Cash into Celsius Network token on FTX exchange.

Join Celsius Network using my referral code 170880d247 when signing up and earn $40 in BTC with your first transfer of $400 or more! #UnbankYourself

Total rewards : 2.054 CEL

Total lending : 8.85 $



A little change in that particular section. Indeed, I started putting my Binance Coin to work in addition to my Elrond. Contrary to $EGLD, my $BNB is staked in a locked protocol, while Elrond was available to withdraw at anytime. 

However, I just noticed that Binance is now offering better interests on the $EGLD. Indeed, while I was only earning 1% on this bag, I just locked it for 90 days at more than 10%. Obviously, this is going to be a great source of income in the future.

Total rewards : 0,0060419 EGLD and 0,00212591 BNB

Total Savings : 2.76 $


Faucets interests

The faucets are also giving interests on the BTC you stock on their website. Even though the income seems not enormous if we only think about fiat currencies, the advantage is that you earn satoshis, and satoshis will be so precious in the future, you can't even think how much they will be precious. : 0.00001722 BTC
Cointiply : really insignificant this month


Total faucets interests : 1.04 $


Total October income : 71.75 $


The result is obviously way lower than the previous month, with more or less a 30% decrease. However, I'm not worried so much, and I think the most beautiful is coming, especially with that $BTC grinding and grinding. Plus, I'm really confident about my $EGLD and the very good rates Binance provides in staking. On a long-term view, I see this token being a really good investment.

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The best faucet on the market :

Other BTC faucet :

Multi-crypto faucets :

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French crypto enthusiast, I love sport and passive earnings and income. I try to talk about various subjects and I hope you'll enjoy reading my articles.

My crypto passive income
My crypto passive income

Here are my passive crypto earnings updated every month. Enjoy !

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