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My crypto passive income (January 2023)

Hi all, here is the best moment of the month, the day where I make the report of my whole crypto passive income. Let's remember that it is really important growing your passive earnings as much as possible if you want to retire early, which is my main goal. So let's have a look a this and see how it did work for me last month.

SNX rewards :

Nothing new there, still staking $SNX on a long-term view. Rewards are mre or less stable at the moment so that's still very interesting to stake your tokens here. You can stake your tokens on this superb website.

Total rewards : 7,65719131 SNX

Total SNX : 21.82 $


EGLD rewards :

Well, not much to say there, the yield is more or less the same as usual. However, the prize of Elrond is obviously not having a good momentum. I hope and think this asset will be very valuable until 2025.

Total rewards : 0.05736684 EGLD

Total EGLD : 2.65 $


BNB rewards :

I have $BNB so why should I let it on the side and not use it in order to grind money ? That's what I do and there isn't little money in this world.

Total rewards : 0.00062221 BNB

Total BNB : 0.20 $


BTC rewards :

You should take advantage of those faucets which are even paying you yields for not withdrawing coins from their platforms. Referral links are below. : 0.00003089 BTC

Cointiply : 0.01 $

Binance savings : 0,00001271 BTC

Total BTC : 1.03 $



Total January income : 25.70 $

I changed some little thing at the beginning of February with Elrond and Binance coin in order to win more tokens. I hope I will take advantage of it.

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Other BTC faucet :

Multi-crypto faucets :

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French crypto enthusiast, I love sport and passive earnings and income. I try to talk about various subjects and I hope you'll enjoy reading my articles.

My crypto passive income
My crypto passive income

Here are my passive crypto earnings updated every month. Enjoy !

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