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By john harding | My Crypto Life | 5 Jun 2021

For the last month or so I have been claiming all the free NFTs I could find on the WAX blockchain and trying to sell them on Atomichub to see how much earnings it could bring me. In this post I will look at where to find free NFTs and how to increase CPU and RAM on your WAX account so you have the resources to claim and sell these NFTs and how to burn them if they don't sell.

Here is my results so far in bought and sold NFTs. The bought NFTs were 3 drills for Alien Worlds to increase my TLM mining there.


As you can see the earnings aren't amazing but it has paid for my 3 drills on Alien Worlds so I can increase my claims there and use the TLM I earn there to convert to WAX for staking or selling on the Kucoin exchange.


If you are new to WAX then you will find you have a low capacity of CPU and RAM. This will cause problems when trying to claim and sell free NFTs.

You have options, you can either buy WAX to stake or use a game like Alien Worlds.

To get started I would recommend joining their Discord server through the in-game link and looking in the Land Promotions/Events channels for land owners that are offering to stake your CPU for mining on their lands. This will give you enough to keep mining until you have enough TLM to convert to WAX and stake yourself. (You can trade TLM at the Alcor Exchange)

There are also a couple of Faucets on WAX that you can use to earn tokens you can exchange for WAX using the swap function of the Alcor Exchange.

You can find the faucets here and here

Once you have some wax you can go into your WAX wallet and stake using the resources tab. Make sure to choose CPU or RAM depending on which you need the most. I wouldn't worry about NET you won't be running out of this anytime soon.



As you can see from my RAM I still have a lot of NFTs still to sell.

Once you are staking you can start earning 2 types of staking rewards. You can read about that here.


Now you have some CPU and RAM where do you find these free NFTs? There are a few different resources I use, you can go to Atomichub and look at the drops to see if there are any free ones you can find there. I would recommend opening a search box (CTRL+F) and use the keyword free.


You will find that some will need you to be whitelisted by the owner to get the drop. You can follow the instructions to get whitelisted or just look in some of the other resources listed below and see if someone has pasted the drop with the key.

Another good resource is Torum, this is a crypto themed social media site. Search NFT clans and join them and follow people posting in there. You will also find landers offering free NFTs in posts for doing simple tasks like liking and spreading the post. Don't forget to comment with your WAX address.

Noise is another good site. Search for NFT and join those chambers.

There are also groups on Telegram and Discord you can join that will link to free NFTs.

You can try the Cryptomonkeys and Dogecard channels on discord or on Telegram.


Now you have your free NFTs you can head over to Atomichub and list them on the market. Click on the sell NFTs button and you will see a list of all your NFTs. Make sure to uncheck the show only whitelisted box so you can see them all. Click sell NFT and you will be shown a window where you can enter the price. This will also show you recommended price and lowest listed price so you can judge what to sell for.


You may find that some NFTs don't sell however low you list them for. You can either hold these and hope they will sell eventually or you can burn them which will destroy the NFT and free up some RAM for you. To burn a NFT click on the more button under the NFT and select burn.


I hope you have found this post informative.

Good luck on your free NFT hunt. 

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