Hunting for some free crypto

Hunting for some free crypto

By john harding | My Crypto Life | 22 Apr 2021

Welcome to the third edition of my blog. Following the mistakes I talked about in my last post I decided I needed to try and find some free crypto to supplement my portfolio and try to recover some of the losses.


I wanted a passive income if possible that would not require a lot of my time as the expected earnings are not really going to be high.


The first possibility I looked at was a browser that could earn me some crypto. I came up with 3 options.


Option 1 is the Brave browser.

This looks interesting. It is advertised as a privacy browser that removes ads and replaces them with their own ads for which you earn Basic Attention Tokens. You can use these tokens to tip sites that you like or you can withdraw them to hold or sell, however you will need an Uphold wallet and completed KYC if you wish to withdraw your BAT. You can then exchange the BAT to another currency in the wallet or send it as BAT to your wallet or exchange of choice. The earnings are ok as you can see from the picture below, these are my earnings for April so far.



Option 2 is the Netbox browser.

This is advertised as the first decentralised blockchain backed web browser. The income from this is truly passive, you earn NBX tokens daily based on activity. There is also a promotion running currently for the first 125,000 sign ups to receive 20 free NBX tokens.

Click here to get your free NBX tokens. The free tokens come over time, for sign up, 1 weeks activity and 1 months activity. You can do as you wish with the tokens you earn, withdraw to an external wallet, or you can stake them from within the browser to earn more tokens daily. This is my preferred browser as I like the stake option within it where I can accumulate more free crypto. In the pictures below you can see my current stake and some of the earnings from the last few days.





Option 3 is the Cryptotab Browser. This browser mines for you in the background while you browse and earns BTC. The earnings seem very low compared to using a normal mining software and can slow down your pc. I tried this browser for a while but it is my least favourite of the 3 options. I did manage to earn a few Satoshi but not enough to reach the minmum payout of 0.00001.  If Cryptotab interests you you can get it by clicking here.

Below you can see the dashboard for the mining part of the browser.



The only other truly passive income I came across is not so much a way to earn crypto directly but it earns $ which i can withdraw to my paypal and use to invest in crypto. This program is Honeygain. It runs in the background of your computer and uses some of your system resources to send information for which you get paid. The earnings seem very slow but I don't notice it running or affecting my pc. There is a free $5 sign up bonus which you can claim by clicking here. Below you can see my current earnings from the program.



If you know of more ways I can earn some free crypto passively please let me know. 


I know this is going to take a long time to earn back some of what I lost but every little helps. I will continue to invest also, I have not lost hope yet of achieving my dreams, so tune in for my next edition where I delve into games where I have a chance of earning some crypto from NFT and blockchain games.

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