Free Crypto For Doing Nothing!

By john harding | My Crypto Life | 8 Sep 2021

Did you know you can get free crypto just for making a few small changes and doing the things you do everyday anyway?

It's not going to make you rich overnight, but you can get a steady stream of crypto to help build your portfolio.

Below we will look at these simple ways to build your portfolio.


1. Earn crypto from your browser.

Below are 2 browsers that you can use to earn a passive income while you use the internet.

The first is the Brave browser. Brave is a privacy based browser based on chrome which blocks ads and replaces them with unobtrusive ads that pay you out in BAT tokens. These tokens can be withdrawn every month to either your Uphold or Gemini wallet. 


The second is the Netbox browser. Claiming to be the first decentralized blockchain backed web browser, this is also a chrome based browser. You will earn NBX tokens just for using it, these are based on activity. You can then stake your earned NBX tokens to earn more or withdraw them to an exchange and swap for your favourite crypto. Get some free NBX when you sign up with this link


2. Earn crypto from your search engine.


Most of us use a search engine daily. Did you know you can get paid just for searching the web? Presearch is a search engine that pays you in PRE tokens everytime you do a search. Once you have accumulated enough PRE tokens these can be withdrawn to popular exchanges like Kucoin or Probit and exchanged for your favourite crypto.

Sign up for Presearch today:

3. Earn crypto from your unused bandwidth.


Most of us nowadays have internet at home that is unlimited, meaning we pay a monthly fee and we can use our internet without any extra fees for the amount of bandwidth we use. However we are often not using all the bandwidth available to us and this is where Honeygain comes in. download the app and it will run in the background without affecting you and slowly earn you a passive income by utilizing your unused bandwidth. Once you reach the $20 payout threshold you can withdraw this to your Paypal account and use it for buying crypto. Personally I am using income from here to buy credits in Splinterlands to help grow my deck and increase my earnings there.

You can get a free $5 to get you started when you sign up with this link:



Just these few small changes and you will be earning free crypto just from doing the things you do everyday anyway.

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