Episode 4 - Gala Games Advertising for Mirandus

I was not planning on making a post, but my Brave browser homepage delighted me this morning with a new advertisement for Mirandus, and some of what looks like pre-alpha gameplay footage.

Take a look at this image. It's definitely channeling some Runescape vibes, which I am pumped about.

Brave ad today

From my understanding of reading articles and watching / listening to AMAs, all of the items that you own will be Non-Fungible Assets (NFTs). I would like to assume that all of the crops in the fields are also NFTs, which means that the simulated economy could be quite robust. Getting excited about how this game will actually function once launching.


I had more to say, but I will say it later. Posting this to keep up with my goal of publishing at least 1 post per week regarding my crypto-gaming journey.

BTW, I am considering purchasing a node on Gala Games, but I'm wondering if there's a more free way to mine another coin, generate enough of that coin to transfer to enough ETH to buy a node on Gala Games, and then start mining GALA that way.

Perhaps that's my journey? Use what I currently have and trade these funds up to the point that I have approximately 2 ETH in order to buy a node.

That is the goal. That is my current purpose.

  • I will document my progress
  • document how to set up the node
  • document the nodes production
  • discuss what I learn along the way.

Continue with me on my journey!

Oh, and if you would like to help me on my journey, you can contribute some GALA tokens by signing up for Gala games and playing Town Star.

Use the below link and check this company out. I'm hoping for Mirandus to be good enough and have enough of a community that it brings back that Runescape nostalgia, or even that legend of Zelda nostalgia that I had when I first played it at age 6... exploring a new digital world.

Sign up for Gala Games


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My Crypto Gaming Journey
My Crypto Gaming Journey

In a series of posts, I will explain in as much detail as I can my crypto gaming journey. This will include various crypto games I attempt to "play" and detailed instructions on how to play them. Since my experience so far has been that it's quite complicated to even start "playing" these games, I will try my best to outline each step I take, including my failures and successes.

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