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Episode 3 - Town Star & Gala Games

Town Star Status Update

I've been playing the only game currently active by Gala Games, "Town Star" for a little bit over a week now, and I will say that the structure of the game itself is definitely a slow burn, and honestly a fairly fun puzzle/simulation/city building game. I played a couple of times and ran out of gasoline, and had to destroy my town. The 4th time I played, I figured out how to generate enough income and build the proper structures to manufacture gasoline. Now, from my understanding of the way the game works, I should be able to play a little bit every day until the end of the competition.

  • The previous competitions were roughly 1 week, this time it looks like the competition will last around a month.
  • The clock has 22 days left on it.
  • I'm currently in 426th place out of 3159 competitors
  • I have 860 points.

$GALA Update

Since my last post on January 14, 2021, the Gala token has increased from $0.00111585 to $0.00113269 and had increased by 1 space on the Market Cap Rank per CoinGecko.

NFTs and Gala Games Inventory

First of all, I'm excited about Gala games and their game Mirandus. I'm also excited about Gala games and their use of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), especially now that I've actually received a few. On the Gala Games website, if you have created an account you have an option to navigate to the "Inventory".

The "Inventory" is where you store any crypto-currency and other NFTs. There's also an icon that kind of looks like a globe. When you click that, it has all of your notifications, including a treasure chest if you have received any items. Because of referral rewards, I've received 100 GALA as well as 1 Town Star Beta Key. Because these are ERC-1155 NFTs, I will need to pay Ethereum gas in order to unlock these items into my inventory.


Salty Bot

Here's where things start to get interesting. When I started working on my town in Town Star today, I received a notification that "Salty Bot needs a home!" and that I should ask a friend to help build a shack for Salty Bot. Let's take a look at what that looks like. Salty Bot looks to be another NFT that would go in my inventory. This particular NFT would be rewarded to me if I get more people playing Town Star.

Salty Bot

The fine print reads "Friends need to play the game in order for you to receive a Plank. Gas price not included to redeem price from Treasure Chest.


It looks like I have 38 days to get 10 people to try playing Town Star in order to get a Salty Bot. No idea what Salty Bot does, but I can assume that Salty Bot will assist me with my town and thus increasing my chances of possibly winning a game or two sometime down the line. If you would like to play the game and assist me in this endeavor to obtain enough planks for "Salty Bot", click the link below!

Help Salty Bot Get a Home

Okay, so that is my current update on Town Star.

Moving forward I intend to continue tracking the $GALA token. I plan to discuss the $BXC token. I also plan to purchase an NFT for the upcoming Mirandus release. There are several stores that are on sale, which I plan to purchase and then discuss how those work as well.


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My Crypto Gaming Journey

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