Play to Earn: How much can you earn?

Play to Earn: How much can you earn?

By TS90 | My Crypto Failure | 5 Dec 2021


I have written a few articles on my journey through the crypto world in the past and especially about P2E games but most of them were just brief introductions to games I play. In this article, I am trying to give some more quantifiable information on how lucrative P2E games can be.

I will try to give a reasonable estimate for how much you can earn from playing these games and whether or not an initial investment is needed. If you disagree with my estimates or explanations, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter.

I will expand on this in the future and am always interested to hear about additional play to earn opportunities but based on my two main sources of P2E income, Gods Unchained and Sorare, it certainly is possible to earn a few hundred Euros per month from playing P2E games.

Gods Unchained (No investment, >80€ per month)

Compared to some of the other P2E games, Gods Unchained certainly is one of the more mature crypto gaming projects but the real P2E mechanism is relatively new.

Actually, there are two ways you can earn money from playing Gods Unchained: You can sell cards on the Immutable X marketplace or you can earn $GODS tokens from playing the game.

Selling cards: 

Cards in Gods Unchained come in different qualities. The lowest quality is called “plain” and these cards are not minted to a blockchain which means you cannot trade them; all other qualities are tradeable. You can “fuse” multiple cards of a lower quality and GODS tokens to receive one card of a higher quality. 


I have not earned any money from selling cards myself, yet, so I will not include a detailed estimate for potential earnings here. As a rough guideline, I would guess that all of my cards would sell for ~100€ on the marketplace.

Earning $GODS:

This is the far more reliable option to earn money from playing Gods Unchained. In November, the GODS token was launched and players that fulfilled certain requirements (see here for more detail) have received an airdrop. Together with the airdrop, Gods Unchained have started the “Blessings of the Gods” P2E event which lets players earn GODS tokens on a weekly basis.


You have to play at least 20 matches and win 7 of them to earn GODS tokens but you can play more to get an additional allocation. You can find details on the allocation of GODS here (bottom left of the page).

So far, I have received around 5 GODS per week which amounts to roughly 20€. Since this was with less than the maximum amount of games played, the total potential of this is slightly above that value. 

At the current price of GODS (even after today´s crash), it certainly is realistic to earn 80€ per month just from playing Gods Unchained.

Sorare (>500€ investment, >150€ per month)

Sorare is a fantasy football, trading card game that allows you to earn ETH. 

As a football fan, I absolutely love this game. If you are thinking about joining, feel free to use my referral link and reach out to me on Twitter for a short 1on1 to help you avoid some errors I made in the beginning. This offer is open to anyone who has signed up via my referral link.

In Sorare, you build a team of 5 football players who are scored on their actual performance with data from Opta.


Players are bought and sold for ETH and if you pick the right players, you can make significant profits from buying and selling players. Because player prices can be quite volatile and earnings are hard to predict, I will not include a monthly estimate here, though.

If your players perform well in their matches, you can win additional player cards and ETH. While winning new cards requires you to perform better than other players and can be quite hard, there is also a prize pool for all players who reach certain thresholds regardless of other players´ scores.


If you score more than 205 points in a game week, you earn 0.01 ETH / ~35€ (250 points, 0.02 ETH respectively).

In theory, you can play Sorare as a free-to-play game by using the initial, free cards you receive and improve slowly, it is not realistic to build a winning team this way. If you want to have a chance of getting above the threshold, you will need to spend some money to buy a team. 

Around 500€ should be sufficient to build a team that has a chance of crossing the 205 points threshold most weekends and sometimes even the 250 points threshold. On average, I´d assume 150€ in monthly earnings from Sorare are perfectly realistic.

This only works if you do proper research on the players you´re planning to buy, though, and I urge you to come up with a clear plan and follow it without making spur of the moment purchases. I´m happy to help everyone who has signed up via my referral link to avoid the mistakes I made in the beginning.

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart (no investment, 3€ per month)

Now, this is very different from the first to games. Worlds Aparts is a Doctor Who themed trading card game that has not fully launched, yet.



You can already trade cards but the beta version of the game is scheduled to launch sometime in late 2021. I have not seen any gameplay preview, yet, but there certainly is some excitement (and also some controversy among Doctor Who fans) around this game already.

Just like with Gods Unchained, you can earn money trading Worlds Apart cards but the market does not seem very liquid at this point. While I am sure this will change once the game has launched, I will not give any prediction on this here.

There is, however, another way you can earn at least some money from Worlds Apart: To make the game free to play, you receive “Pandaks” for each day you log on to your Worlds Apart account and you can use them to purchase card packs. You receive 10 Pandaks per login and 100 Pandaks equal 1$ so you can just under 3€ per month just for logging in once per day.

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