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By TS90 | My Crypto Failure | 26 May 2021


As mentioned in my first story “Crypto Failure”, I am using this outlet to reflect on the mistakes I am making during my journey through the crypto/blockchain world.

The most annoying mistakes I have made so far were on the fantasy football (=soccer ;) )game Sorare, so I will focus on these in my first detailed story.


What is Sorare?

Sorare is a fantasy game of soccer, where players buy, sell, trade, and manage a virtual team with digital player cards. The game uses blockchain technology based on Ethereum and was developed in 2018 by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort.

Players can build five-a-side football teams on Sorare and enter them into a range of tournaments to earn rewards in the form of additional NFT cards or cash. The performance of each team is based on the real-life performance of the players on your squad.

How to get started on Sorare?

You can sign up to Sorare via my referral link so both of us earn rewards based on your activity in Sorare. If you sign up via the referral link, both of us will get an additional “rare” card after you have bought five rare cards in the “New Signings” section.

Once you have signed up, you get a first set of “common” (untradeable) cards based on your favorite professional team. When I signed up to Sorare, I was assigned a set of cards based on my favorite teams but apparently, you can also select to choose these cards yourself.

If I were to sign up to Sorare with this in mind, I would definitely want to choose the cards instead of having them assigned to me.


Once you have selected your common cards, you can enter your first “Starter League Rookie” tournament. These tournaments are meant to teach you the basics of the game and allow you to earn additional cards based on your performance.

To participate in the tournament, you need to select the five players of your team that you think will perform best in the coming game week.


In order to perform well, you need to monitor the expected starting 11 of your players´ teams in order to select the players who are most likely to perform well. For Bundesliga players, I recommend Ligainsider to do so and there are comparable services for other leagues as well (eg. Sports Gambler).

When I registered for my first tournaments, I was struggling to put together a squad of five certain starting 11 players (because I did not choose the players myself, as I have mentioned above). In cases like this, I strongly recommend you not to register a team for the rookie tournament at all, because you can only participate in the rookie tournaments a limited number of times. Instead of fielding a squad you are not sure about and wasting a rookie tournament participation, rather wait for the following week.

Apart from not choosing my starting players myself, registering a team for the rookie tournament that did not have a chance to succeed was the biggest mistake I made on my first day on Sorare.

If you do well in your rookie tournaments, you can win “rare” cards that you can use in the other tournaments and trade on Sorare´s marketplace.


If you want to participate in any tournament apart from the rookie tournaments, you need at least four rare cards (ideally five, to avoid being penalized for using a common card) and if you do not win them in the rookie tournaments, you will need to purchase them.

Card types on Sorare

UPDATE: Sorare has now introduced an additioanl tier called "Limited"; you can find more information about it here.

So far, you have heard about “common” cards and “rare” cards. Common cards of a player can exist in unlimited numbers, are not tradeable and you can use a maximum of one common card in tournaments outside of the rookie tournaments (and even that one card will incur a penalty).

In addition to these white common cards, there are rare (red/orange), super-rare (blue), and unique (gold) cards. For each player and season, there can be a maximum of 100 rare cards, 10 super-rare cards, and 1 unique card. These different levels of scarcity also show in the market prices for these cards.


Leagues on Sorare

I have already talked about the Rookie tournament that you can use to get started but there are a wide range of tournaments that you can enter once you have enough rare, super-rare or unnique cards.


Some of these tournaments (Global All Star D4 and D3) can be entered with any rare cards while other tournaments have specific additional requirements (eg Global Under 23 for up and coming talents under 23).

As you can imagine, the leagues with fewer requirements have more participants and thus more competition for prices.

The prizes can be substantial if you manage to land in the top 3 of a tournament:


In addition to the prizes based on your position on the leaderboard, Global All Star D4 has additional prizes based on the amount of points you got during that tournament:


These prizes are the reason why I usually compete in Global All Star D4 even though this tournament has the most participants and the lowest probability of me making it to the top 3 of the leaderboard.

My Experience

My experience with Sorare so far has been mixed. I have not won anything of interest during my Rookie weeks, because I did not know about the option to select my own starter cards, and was pretty annoyed by this. On the other hand, I have recently won my first 0.02 ETH from achieving the > 250 points threshold.

I have put ~500€ in ETH into Sorare to put together a team of rare cards after my Rookie tournaments and I have regretted this decision for a while. Since I have finally managed to win something now, these regrets are slowly fading away. Looking back at it, I could probably have put less money into it and still put together a decent team, if I had put more effort into my starting cards and the rookie tournaments.

My current team certainly is not great, especially because I am lacking a rare goalkeeper who is in the lineup of his team regularly, but I have a realistic chance of making around 200 points in each tournament.


Marco Asensio is my most valuable card by far and I am currently trying to sell it for more than the 500€ I put into Sorare. If I manage to do so, the last of my regrets will certainly be gone and I´ll continue to aim for the 200/250 points threshold to make a little ETH from playing.


If like me, you are into football and crypto, you should definitely start playing Sorare right now. And, obviously, I would recommend you use my referral link.

If you are into football but new to crypto, this might be a good entry into the crypto world. You do not really need to know anything about crypto to play but you will need a crypto wallet (like MetaMask) to store your cards and your funds.

If you are into crypto but not football, I don´t think this is for you.

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My Crypto Failure
My Crypto Failure

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