Day 2 and 3 of Earning Cryptocurrencies Online Without Investment
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Day 2 and 3 of Earning Cryptocurrencies Online Without Investment

By INAM_ | My Crypto earning Journey | 24 Jul 2020

So, in a nutshell, I have been trying to find ways of earning money and making a spreadsheet to track my earnings


Yesterday (Day 2)

Yesterday I was not at home for almost the whole day so I did not do much. All I remember is surfing Beermoneyforum and finding a way to earn passive BTC but its initial part is really losing money first.

This day an idea came into my mind to create not only a faucet website, but also create 2-3 mobile apps in unity and use Unity Ads to earn money through them, but then I remembered that this challenge or journey is to make crypto and Unity Ads will probably not pay in crypto. However, I could still create a faucet as I did before. I am thinking of using as the payment system.

Then for the earning part, I just claimed 2-3 times from Which although equals to 45 satoshis, these are not going to be added into the challenge earnings as this was done before creating the spreadsheet so it doesn't matter.


Today (Day 2):

So today I mainly used cointiply and I was lucky enough to earn 200 coins from the chat pool 😀. TBH the chat pool was just HUGE at that time. Other than that I did the daily roll and completed all the PTCs and use the "Welcome" promo code. But again these earnings were done at 3 am before the spreadsheet was made so again, these will not be added in the challenge 😂.

Now leaving that aside, I am going to try to withdraw my DAI to uphold as they don't need verification for deposits and then do verification with my under 18 id card, and Hopefully, they will accept my account just like Coinbase did. I tried this kind of thing with Xapo (Although I did not have any funds in it) and those shit heads did not approve me (Let's hope Uphold isn't shithead).

Moreover, I signed in to some old sites and found out some new ways to earn crypto. I am going to sell my Instagram Page on LN microwork site but even if someone buys it I will not add that money to the challenge as I want this challenge to be able to be done by other people. And obviously, not everyone has an Instagram Page with 560 followers. 

Today I am planning to complete the spreadsheet's initial amounts and find all the sites I am going to use in this challenge.


If you want to earn some extra money:

I hope you like this challenge and if you are you should use my referral link as they will always benefit you. BTW on I will share 75% of the commission I get with my referrals. So basically I will be earning 25% of what I get from your referral bonuses and you get 75% of that. All of that is automatic and BTW you will also be rewarded based on your activity so if you are active daily wagering, buying letter, claiming, whatever you will earn more than if weren't. And every multiple of 10th day on this challenge I will randomly send people who use my referral link some bonus BTC depending on my balance on

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I don't have much to say about myself but I just got into crypto linking all the way back to a simulator game where you had to make computers and win benchmark tests. LOL.

My Crypto earning Journey
My Crypto earning Journey

My journey while earning cryptocurrencies online.

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