My BtcSolarCat Garu is all for Bitcoin mining done using renewable energy

My BtcSolarCat Garu is all for Bitcoin mining done using renewable energy

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Wow!! Cat Garu graced elegantly with sun rays and that's a cat board box alright not cardboard box!!


 My warm cat Garu in real life and cuddle cat meeting me in Hive Blog


Cats are warm creatures that’s for sure. My cat Garu easily catches the sunshine quite gracefully with out running after it.

cat, pet, life, nature, story, photo

Sunshine and cardboard box, its perfect spot to chill for cat Garuji!!

If he gets a virtual avatar, I will probably name Garu after some sun catcher theme, but my cats are simple cats, who like the real world and won’t bother about Metaverse stuff.

cat, pet, life, nature, story, photo

Cat Garu is used to real world experiences like sneaking about to sniff all the vegetables spread about to be stored in the refrigerator. Oh boy he loves going inside that green vegetable basket too!!

Speaking of virtual cats, I was so happy to have a feline chief guest visited one of my Non-cat Blog write ups in hive platform with cuddle kitten shining like a star in a comment in my Blog.

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A surprise cat visitor to my Hive post with @cuddlekitten showing up and saying a hi with gift also!!

Such good vibes inspired me to do a Caturday post soon, as I am definitely a cat creature belonging to the cat community!!



Nice of @cuddlekitten to pay a visit with some upvote points as gifts as well!!



@cuddlekitten from @catnet comes around with sweet generosity giving upvotes on my non-cat blog post which touched me too besides this kitten adoring my entire post with it’s cuteness, and spreading that purring cat love flavour about, awww that felt so sweet!! Sweet, sweet cuddle kitten.



 Fully sun charged cat Garu but he is no solar battery


cat, pet, life, nature, story, photo, writing

This is a solar energy loving Bitcoin cat, so in metaverse his identity will be BTCsolarCat

Anyway, back to my cat Garu and now if he has a metaverse avatar I know what I will name him there. My cat Garu is already a crypto Bitcoin cat with a heart of Bitcoin who has sustainable practises in general.

As a bitcoin cat(with a heart of Bitcoin, he looks to be one that will favor Bitcoin mined through renewal solar energy I am sure because cat Garu himself absorbs sun rays and if he was a solar energy battery he would be fully charged with solar power.

So, in the metaverse my Bitcoin cat Garu will be the BTCsolarCat, yeah that’s what he will be named in the metaverse world!!


 Cat Garu is a accomplished catcher of sunshine not birds


cat, pet, life, nature, story, photo, writing

Atta boy BTCsolarCat Garu!!

That's cat Garu recharging himself with solar power, he is signifying that BTC mining should be done using renewable energy.


Anyway, here’s Garu, the BTCsolarCat recharging with sun solar energy, and then Garu after resting suddenly gets animated in the real world, with some pigeon or bird out there catching his attention.

cat, pet, life, nature, story, photo

That's got to be a bird or a squirrel up there that activated and animated the absolutely at rest BTCsolarCat for sure!!


Even if Garu can catch the sun rays easily, he can’t catch the birds outside!!


Still as an accustomed indoor cat, Garu is content catching sun rays in the Balcony, add a cardboard box for him there to hang on and scratch, then it becomes a sunny cosy spot for him to chill.


Cat Mochu can show you the other Sun quoted spots of the Balcony where Garu can be found napping


cat, pet, life, nature, story, photo

Wondering if cat Mochu is guarding this cat entrace spot of the balcony


Ofcourse, ask cat Mochu, cardboard boxes are not the only place Garu likes to lay around and nap.

cat, pet, life, nature, story, photo, writing

Yes, you useless guard cat of the Balcony, cat Mochu show us other spots around the Balcony that Garu lays about.


cat, pet, life, nature, story, photo, writing


There Mochu turns and shows that cat Garu sleeps on the chair, and again Garu proves that he is the BTCsolarCat with him catching the sunshine on the chair as well.

 Cryptos on Blockchain and cats on Cat Board boxes

Now off Blockchain, we know transactions can take place and it can improve scalability of Blockchains like Ethereum. Now similarly, off sunshine spots too cats can hang out on the Balcony, even if that does not improve scalability of anything , it expands the soulful experience of a cat’s spirit .

cat, pet, life, nature, story, photo, writing

it's either a tiring time for cat mochu as a balcony cat gaurd or he does not have much work gaurding the balcony entrace as he is found sleeping on cat board box off the sun shine spot on the shadow area of the balcony.

Yes, here is cat Mochu fast asleep on the cardboard box in the shade. Looks like just like cryptos live on Blockchain, these cats like to live on cat board boxes, sorry I meant cardboard boxes.

Ok got that!!


Cat Mochu, seems ok to be hanging out in shade filled areas, while cat Garu likes hanging out in sunny spots.

However, Mochu too enjoys sunshine if given a chance, check him out here >>

cat, pet, life, nature, story, photo, writing

It almost seems that cats worship sunshine and then go to sleep, no strict etiquette in this worship, if that’s how cats worship sunshine. It’s a nice, simple style of worship though, very relaxing!!

cat, pet, life, nature, story, photo, writing

Happy Caturday everybody!!

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