Crypto News for March 2021 - Part 1

Crypto News for March 2021 - Part 1

The year 2020 has been better than any previous years for most crypto currencies, if not all. After the first two month in the new year, we are finally starting to hear some big news about crypto and its anticipated bright future.

1. PayPal acquires crypto security firm Curv for nearly $200 million.

2. NYDIG raises $200 million from strategic partners.

3. Meitu announced a $40 million investment in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

4. Atari is launching a crypto casino in Decentraland this May.

As you can see, more and more large sums of money started rolling into crypto currencies. This year will be better than 2020 in so many ways for Bitcoin and other crypto currencies in my opinion. My advice to you is not to buy or sell emotionally. Do your own diligence and study the trend and future.

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