Bitcoin Prediction 3/19/2021

According to the chart, we should expect some sort of break out in the next 24 to 72 hours.  But which way will it be? That is something you will never know unless you have the crystal ball. But looking at the trend (higher highs and higher lows), I am leaning towards a positive anticipation. Once it happens, the next target price is at around $62k which will easily take it up to $70k. The crypto market is getting larger and larger everyday, and the world's perception is more positive than ever.

In this short article, I also wanted to bring this news to people's attention. Morgan Stanley is finally getting involved in bitcoin! They are possibly negotiating the purchase of a stake in Bithumb, the largest Crypto currency firm in South Korea. This is still a rumor and not confirmed news; however, this shows how big banks are now interested in offering bitcoin and other Crypto currencies to their clients.

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My Complete Thoughts and Opinions

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