My C.J. ep.9 - I made a little SURVEY among my people



An easy question for who comes here to read, tip or write. But we are a minority, not common people: we need to admit that a big moat separe us, crypto lovers, from the rest of the population.

Nowadays, there is not a comfortable bridge to connect these worlds, only an energetic jump can allow others to arrive where we already are. I mean, in my case the reason has been a big amount of curiosity to discover if I could join the world from a disconnected country. The mere fact that cryptos exist is not enough for people to love or simply to consider them.

The proof? No one of the people around me ever talked about, even when the hyperinflation caused our national coin to lose its value and banks to stop to supply dollars. Never.

Anyway I'm positive, because if I look back I see that to arrive where I'm now (I have a little wallet of coins and tokens, I know how to manage them, I like to read and discuss about topics related to crypto) it has been so easy, a single jump 2 months ago and all became irreversible forever.

And where did I arrive from? A simple talk with the people around me is enough to remind me about it.

So I made a little not scientific (obviously) SURVEY, a snap-shot of a world that apparently seems very late but that, this gives me hopes, changes everyday.

They are the common people living here, now.


So, I interviewed 11 Lebanese people:

KA (Male, 66, retired)
HN (Female, 63, housewife)
LA (Female, 42, graduated, employee)
MS (Male, 41, employee)
PH (Female, 36, graduated, employee)
FN (Male, 35, employee)
MH (Male, 33, graduated, teacher)
NA (Female, 29, graduated, employee)
SF (Male, 27, graduated, employee)
MI (Female, 26, graduated, employee)
SN (Female, 15, student)

I know, this group of people is not statistically good, it cannot represent the lebanese society, but I was simply curious to investigate the people around me, so it represents a portion of the Lebanese society.
What is sure is that I enjoyed making it and I like to show the results.

If you want to read the results of my little SURVEY you can find here.

Almost all people have the same problem:

They don't know so much and they don't trust!

Basically, I suppose, because people are familiar only with what they already use. Unfortunately the ignorance is very evident and it creates such a big wall of suspicions, able to annihilate every kind of curiosity.

I didn't expect anything different, but I find it's very funny to see that crypto in someone's mind the word "BITCOIN" is a kind of PayPal.

However, we can also notice that almost everyone wants to be independent from the authority of the banks.

So I guess if a digital currency would be introduced to the Lebanese people, they will gladly embrace them because freedom can have a delicious taste.
The problem is: can people become familiar with cryptocurrency? Some of the people I interviewed let me think some technological problem could be an obstacle too big to cross, because people need to feel comfortable to trust. In that case, with freedom and a feeling of comfort, I'm able to imagine people trusting and using cryptos.

In conclusion, I want to believe the future will arrive for everyone, and each one of us, me too, can contribute to make this future arrive faster.

"The future belongs to those who believe
in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt"


I hope you enjoyed this SURVEY.

Thanks for reading ❤️


P.S. I liked so much to make this survey and I'm curious to read about the people around you, so if you did or you will do a survey like this one, with your people, please link it in the comments.

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