My C.J. ep. 17 How I claimed my share of FORTH!


Hello Publish0x users, I hope you are all fine and in good health!

Today I am very happy because of the Ampleforth's FORTH airdrop and the fact that having even a little amount in your wallet on the 30th of March makes you eligible to claim your share of FORTH until 16th of April 2022 otherwise the unclaimed FORTH will be placed in a community governed DAO.

Luckily I was one of the people to have a share of FORTH.

I will tell you my story...

I had a little amount of Ampl in my Coinomi from publish0x (Thanks a lot by the way, I love you guys ❤️). So I wanted to see if I had a share.

I entered the Ampleforth site where to claim the FORTH, I clicked on claim as in the following picture.


Now you will be directed to another window where it is told to connect your wallet, and since I have the Ampleforth in Coinomi I clicked on WALLET CONNECT then another window open and you are directed to coinomi but in no way I was able to connect so my search began... 




After a long research and watching YouTube and reading articles and so, I finally was able to migrate my Coinomi seeds to all the possible wallets from which I can claim the FORTH, in no one I was able to see my ETH coin and its tokens, I was so confused but insisted on reaching my target!! 

Then I read that I needed ETH to pay for the gas fees, and I didnt have ETH in my coinomi, so I exchanged some BCH into ETH using changelly (an exchange in Coinomi). 

After having the Ethereum, I discovered that in Trust Wallet I can have a watch address which I used to see if I was eligible for FORTH. 

To get the watch address, you go to Trust wallet, then to settings then to wallet and add an Ethereum wallet putting in the fourth tab the ethereum address of Coinomi or any other wallet you are using.

Then you redo the claiming process from the Ampleforth site, and use trust wallet this time, and Ta daaaa this time you can see if you are eligible to have your share of FORTH!

I had a good amount of FORTH omggggg I was thrilled and still am 💃💃💃

Now, how can I see my ETH coins and tokens existing in coinomi, in Trust wallet? 

I finally read something, that I should migrate Coinomi to Trust wallet using the private key in order to see Ethereum and its tokens, because using the seed I was able to see only the non-Ethereum coins and tokens.

So I extracted my Coinomi private key for Ethereum and then migrated Coinomi into Trust wallet creating an Ethereum wallet using the private key (in the third tab of import Ethereum) and Ta daaaa my Ethereum and Ampleforth appeared in Trust Wallet!!!

I was overwhelmed at this point! 😁😁😁

Then I enter the Ampleforth site and tried to claim my FORTH using Trust Wallet, I connected to it and EVENTUALLY I was able to claim my share after several attempts because I needed to change the gas fees and speed (gwei) (increase them for a better receipt or you might lose your FORTH).

PS: The balace is 0 in the picture below because I already claimed them. 



Finally I was able to see my FORTH in Trust wallet and in Coinomi 💃💃💃

I hope I am a help to you guys, and thanks for reading ❤️

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The Lebanese Girl

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