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Why use Brave Browser?

Below I list a number of reasons why I am continuing to use Brave Browser after trying it for about a week. I have already written another very interesting article on this browser that you can read here.

1- The possibility of using Tor for the most protected navigation possible. In fact, as already said in my first article, the version for windows also allows you to navigate under the protection of the Tor, very useful if you don't want to be tracked.

2- The rewards in BAT. In fact, you can earn BAT simply by viewing the advertisements that brave offers you. I gained about 5 BAT in a month.

3- The possibility of being able to support content creators with individual donations or with monthly contributions in BAT

4- The absence of advertising, in fact the only advertisements that will come out will be those proposals where you will be rewarded if viewed. If you view any site you will immediately notice that no advertising will hinder you from browsing

5- The speed of navigation. Navigation will be faster and smoother thanks to the elimination of advertisements

6- Block all cookies. In fact, with this browser you can block all cookies and all trackers through an interface that is simple to understand and quick to use

7- When you open a new tab, the interface is nice and customizable.

8- One useful thing is the possibility to choose which search engine to continue browsing

9- Contains a personal wallet with which we can keep our BAT and our etherium

10- It has a nice interface and is easy to use

I conclude by saying that for me Brave Browser is one of the best browsers in description and is my default browser on all my devices.
This is not a sponsor but only my point of view on this browser.

I hope you enjoyed this short article, if you did like it and comment below with your point of view regarding this browser.
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