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Lately I have heard various voices that spoke in a very positive way about this "new" browser, so I decided to try to install good browsers on my PC and I started using it.

According to the official website of brave, this browser blocks all the ads and trackers that capture data, therefore making the pages displayed much more fluid and without advertising which, at times, can annoy the user a lot. So if all the advertisements, all trackers and cookies are blocked, the browsing speed is much faster and the loading of the pages is faster, always from what is reported on the official website
Another interesting thing introduced by this browser is the ability to activate a rewards program that pays you only to navigate in this browser. In fact, you can choose whether to activate a function called "brave rewards" with which you can receive BAT for free only by clicking on the notifications that will appear randomly on your device while you are browsing the internet. Then these BATs are added monthly to your virtual wallet, offered by brave, with whom you can make donations to verified content creators.

Now, after reading what this browser theoretically offers, let's move on to what I found using it. In fact, I immediately noticed that before installing Brave, I was constantly assaulted by advertisements that came from everywhere in the sites I frequented most, but now there is not even a shadow of advertising inserts. The speed that he brandished so effectively was, at least in part, achieved.
On the security side, however, the workhorse of the browser, I will talk about it later.
One thing I have been relatively satisfied with is the brave rewards program. In fact, the maximum of advertising every hour that you can get out is 5. In addition, each advertisement you display is given only one cent of a dollar. But leaving aside the fact that there are often 5 advertisements but less, the idea is not bad.
One of the few negative things is the fact that often to be able to access some sites, to be able to visit some sites, you must necessarily disable all the protections that Brave offers you, this is inconvenient and impractical.
A very interesting integrated service is the Tor that you can use without installing other programs, very convenient.

Speaking of security, I've been reading a lot of articles lately that say that the link autocompleted itself with a refferal code. Fortunately, this problem has now been fixed by the developers, but how can you trust this browser 100%?

In any case I think that the performance of this browser is excellent and that I will continue to use it because it is still very convenient not to find a thousand irritating advertisements for every page I open.



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